Brusha, Brusha. Loops on the end are for hanging above the bench where you do your tube cleaning. Love the convenience of having 4 different coarseness on one instrument to manicure my nails. I once bought a buffing file from this brand at my Ulta store. 7" 4-Way File by Flowery features coarse/medium/medium/fine (120/150/240/280 grits) for natural nails. Definitely my new favorite nail care accessory. Fill out the following fields with your email address and the address of the intended recipient as well as note you would like to leave. I gives you so many options or use on you nails like filing, buffing, smoothing...its great 4 in 1. The sides are 200, 300, 400 and 600 grit, so you can work your way up to a razor's edge on knives, chisels, or anything that needs a little edge. This is a great hand nail file to use when you have healthy strong nails . TEKTON 6696 4-Way Shoe Rasp File, 8-Inch Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Super-long Q-type tips are for people who don't want to get too close to their ears. All have 1/4” shanks and 0.3mm brass coated carbon steel wires, and you’ll get circular brushes at 2" dia x 1/4" and 3" dia x 3/8"; cup brushes at 2" dia x 1/2" and 3" dia x 7/8"; plus a 1" dia x 1-1/8" wire end brush. Incredibly handy for those tough jobs! Thank you Ulta, for carrying this high quality item. I gave these to a friend who has long gel type nails and she loved them! Our each is a giant 325-piece pack of single-tip cotton swabs on wooden sticks and in (6) different sizes. 7" 4-Way File by Flowery features coarse/medium/medium/fine (120/150/240/280 grits) for natural nails. Smooths out the nail bed perfectly to apply fake nails. Treated nails gently. You do have tubes, don’t you? This is a very nice emery board. This file is just 4-way all around too coarse for my nails, it would snag/catch on the split edges and make them worse. 58 Reviews. WHAT YOU GET. My nails chip a lot so these files are a perfect fix both at home and on the go! You need a whetstone, and this one, while it's not a stone at all, is a big improvement. Good for other body parts, though, and for too many craft applications to list. We love these. I always file my nails, I put it in my purse too. The brush area is 1-1/2” x 1/4” on all of them. (If we don't say so ourselves.).! These are perfect for natural nails -- not too abrasive, and they last forever. Product Reviews. Our web site always contains everything we have available for sale outside our retail stores. These are, anyway. 4 way file [4F] - 4 different grits on one file. This file is convenient and I have everything I need in one place. We’re thinking hobbyists, crafters, model-makers, DIYers and anyone else with an eye for detail will wonder how they lived without these. Love it! Although very durable for hand nails I would not recommend using on feet, you will shorten the life use of the file more quickly. Course, medium, fine, and extra fine. Everybody’s got something that needs filing, and these will last a lifetime. Bonus! Frustrating. I have fairly strong nails and they are just the right kind of files needed. It finally wore out and was able to find this online. I've avoided multi-use emory boards in the past. Max speed is 4500rpm . GRITS AND COLORS. I would throw them away, but sometimes it's just the point of the matter. Great for hard-to-reach spots. You’ll get (1) each with stainless steel, brass and stiff nylon bristles. Details. Don’t stick cotton swabs in anyone’s ears, even your elephant’s, although the largest of these will be tempting. I use it in my natural nails. These files work extremely well smoothing out nails. This 6-piece set of flattened diamond files are 8-1/2" long x 7/16" wide x 3/16" thick with 3-1/8" of 40-, 80-, 150-, 240-, 400-, and 600-grit embedded in the business ends. The price is great 2 emery boards for $2.50, such a great price and they are very durable. Sign Up. they do not bend which is really nice. Actually, these are tech swabs with cotton tops and wooden sticks for lab work, so leave your ears out of it. They’re 7” long with plastic handles with 45-degree offset heads. The part I use the most used to wear down instantly while the "tough" section ripped apart nail and the "soft" section did, well, nothing. Drugstore brands have lowered the bar with cheap made in China stuff that I just dump in the trash. More durable than the lime and yellow nail file counterpart. Life too dull? Includes a colleted 4-3/4” long aluminum handle, Go rub something the right way. I've been looking for a good 3 or 4 way file for my nails but this one doesn't work well for me. I've avoided multi-use emory boards in the past. I have mid-length natural nails that I file "top square" but they are soft and sometimes splits on the edges. You don’t even have to be rude about it because this is a set of (3) small cleaning brushes for removing rust, paint, grime and schmutz in general. The part I use the most used to wear down instantly while the "tough" section ripped apart nail and the "soft" section did, well, nothing. So you won't want to lose this 6-piece set of diamond burrs. Sign up for our regular emails full of special deals and events and you'll never miss another one. This nicely made 13-piece file set has a dozen diamond-encrusted files at 2, 4 and 6mm wide x 1-3/16” long with 120, 180, 300, and 400 grit surfaces. Were thinking artists, art restorers, auto detailers, electronics techs, gunsmiths and fussbudgets of all sorts will love them.