The fruit is medium in size with 0-6 seeds per fruit. Not easy to peel and have seeds. ‘Hamlin’ is an early-season sweet orange which has done well here in Arizona. Premium size trees are shipped in 10"x 9.5" nursery container that can be planted into a 12"-14" decorative container upon arrival. The fruit is medium to large in size and is moderately seedy with 7-10 seeds per fruit. During Arizona's hot, dry summers, trees up to two years old may need watering every two to five days. Arizona Sweet Orange Citrus Sinensis Pers. Click to find the information you need to select those adapted to your environment. Height: 8 – 12 feet Call (602) 944-8479 for Buying Options. Is there someone special in your life who loves to watch things grow? Sweet: Marrs: 8,9,12-24: 10/15-2/15 ‘Marrs’ is another early-season, semi-dwarf tree, sweet orange. Tree Size: Small to medium. We won't spam you. This orange tree is easy to grow, and they have a small to medium size which makes them an excellent choice for any size yard. 7,074 posts, read 5,372,007 times Reputation: 7704. Sweet and juicy. About Civano; Team; Blog; Press & Awards; Contact Us; House Plants; Dwarf Trovita Orange (Dwarf Arizona Sweet Orange) – Citrus Orange Trovita – Arizona Sweet (Dwarf) You are here: Home. The Entry size will need a season or two of growth to become productive. Tree of moderate size, probably the most popular of all citrus fruits, available in a number of varieties that ripen at various seasons. Hamlin is one of the earliest, ripening in November, followed by Pine- apple and Washington Navel, which ripen from December to February, and then by Valencia, which ripens in April or later and can be "stored on the tree" into the summer months. Tree Characteristics: Moderately vigorous, somewhat upright. (or sold as Arizona Sweet in Arizona, like the Hamlin, Marrs, and Pineapple varieties) (Sweet Orange) Physical Features. Semidwarf varieties include "Marrs" (Citrus sinensis "Marrs"), a variety of Arizona sweets, and "Fairchild" (Citrus reticulata "Fairchild" ), a mandarin variety. Seeds: Few to many. Arizonians can grow these orange trees and enjoy some of the … if you notice anything that needs to be changed please contact us.Thanks. We are a local company: your privacy and comfort matter to us. Grows against dark-green foliage, ripens early and stores well. Flavor and Juiciness: Sweet and juicy. Growth Habits: Evergreen tree, up to 25 feet tall (7.5 m), 25 feet spread (7.5 m), Watering Needs: Don't let the soil dry completely, good drainage. Dwarf size grows 6 to 10 feet tall; smaller when grown in a … Diller. Harvest time is December to February in Tucson. Spread up to 12ft. Arizona Sweet Orange Tree Care. How to Care for an Arizona Sweet Orange Tree. Height 12 to 16ft. The summer heat and cool winters allow Arizonians to produce some of the fullest-flavored sweet oranges in the country. Owari Satsuma Mandarin (Shown as 'h') - Citrus reticulate ‘Owari’ is a medium-sized, seedless edible orange that is juicy and sweet. Quote: Originally Posted by LBTRS. Difficult/challenging to grow in hot desert areas. Popular for juicing. USDA minimum zone: 9 Medium growing rounded evergreen. Height: 8 – 12 feet Width: 8 – 12 feet Bloom color: White Flowering season: Spring USDA minimum zone: 9 Cold hardiness: 26° F © 1998-2020 Philippe Faucon, All Rights Reserved. Now, if we could just get the "Sweet… Appreciate the lead though, thanks. Sweet Orange trees will begin to bloom in late winter early spring and by summer the fruit has set and little green Sweet Oranges will begin to grow into beautiful bright healthy oranges ready to be picked by early to mid fall.These are a small to medium sized tree that work in all landscape applications as well.