I don’t know how you can have a favorite Bernina foot. I also use the free motion foot and get fantastic results. It makes appliqueing so easy. It was expensive, but it’s so much better than the third-party foot I was using. What i love most is that i can upgrade my bernina is. The newest member of the zigzag foot family is the Reverse pattern foot #1D, made to work with the Dual Feed feature on select BERNINA models. US. I’m getting back into patchwork. Great for uneven surfaces, like attaching or topstitching straps or thick trims or binding. If I had to actually choose it would be that one. I’m a beginer and I just bought a Bernette 38. I hope to have all the feet that goes to my machine. As strange as this may sound…it’s the one I don’t have. Today I am loving the BSR!!! I absolutely love the D feet! Next on my list is the edge stitch foot. I’m just learning ruler work and am fascinated with the results. My favorite presser foot is the #10. This is an old style BERNINA darning foot pictured above from a time before feet were identified by number. design and function and advanced techniques , my sewing improved a 100 gold. My current favorite foot is the 39C embroidery foot. Followed closely by the 97 foot. I am a quilter and adjust my needle to the right to stitch a perfect 1/4″ seam, great visibility doing machine applique with satin or buttonhole stitch. I love my #57 quarter inch quilt foot. I love the wider left edge and how it holds the fabric in place. I love my 97D foot – it makes piecing my quilts a breeze. Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting, Quilt Embellishing With Decorative Stitches, and Free-Motion Quilting With the BSR. I bought my B770QE eight months ago and have been purchasing quite a lot of presser feet since the machine came out of the box. These charts and text are copies of the originals that were displayed on the Internet a long while ago. I can’t wait to use it and learn about many more. I use it on garment sewing and quilting, actually anytime my seam is longer than 2 or 3 inches. Love using it for general sewing and embellishing crazy quilt blocks with the fun built-stitches on my machine! I’m principally a garment maker, and it is my go-to foot. Low to High) New Prices (As of 9/1999) Zigzag Foot #000. I use it to embroider with the embroidery module. Love my Bernina. I rarely make anything where I have not used this foot in some capacity: edge stitching, stitch in the ditch to attach a facing or for quilting, top stitching, multiple rows of top stitching using the needle positions, machine quilt binding, and edge joining. To use the Adjustable Ruler work foot #72, the feed dog is lowered and the fabric with the ruler is guided by hand with the edge of the ruler resting against the foot. I love the Bernina walking foot #50. The sewing feet are divided into two types with different shank openings. Also, love the #10 foot for edge stitching and stitch in the ditch! I just bought my first Berina 350PE last week after 37 yrs. I love the ruler work foot #72. The No. Makes it so much simpler to keep the sizes the same when I am making multiple buttonholes. I read about the foot and went and bought it, The only problem having the Big Book of Feet would be that I may break the bank! Your book looks amazing and so very helpful! I also use them in bag making as you can top stitch an 8th of an inch from an edge as well as the quarter inch seams. The 97D is my go to presser foot. I do a lot of quilting and this foot allows me to consistently sew my 1/4″ seams STRAIGHT and I don’t have to worry about wiggly seams or fabric pulling into the feed dogs any more.!!!! I used the 10D for clean neat sewing on edges of purse straps, tops of purses, in the ditch and all kinds of different uses. Such time savers! That will open a new field of quilting for me. I do a lot of embroidery so the 26 foot I use the most as well as the # 1 foot. I am just learning to use my Bernina even though I have had it several years. I pretty much use the walking foot all the time on both, where was the walking foot back when I was matching plaids on wool skirts? The #1 all purpose foot meets my needs most of the time. I would love to have the big book to add ro my library. Right now I am doing a lot of embroidery. I have a number of presser feet and will pay much closer attention to the real differences between them as I approach my sewing challenges going forward. Each foot makes one task or another easier or more accurate. #37 or #97D patchwork foot depending on which machine I’m using. Check with your shop. Accuracy is important in quilting, and this foot helps me get it right. Zigzag 000, Embroidery 030, Overlock 470, Blindstitch 016, Buttonhole 452, Small Darning 285, Tailor tacking 419, Hemmer 4mm 003, Pintuck 028 (7-groove), Lap Hemmer 174, Zipper 007, Shank Adaptor. That innocent looking little guide is one big task master! My favorite foot is #01 – or any other foot that I can attach a finger guard to. I love using it to sew down the linings on armholes, and the tops of purses. Free motion embroidery foot #24. My Brother 10 needle handles these with ease. #13, Straight Stitch Foot 0029637000 - Bernina Old Style. I like being able to see where I am sewing. It’s been great anytime I need to run along an edge. I haven’t found a fabric/thread combination from the most delicate lace to the heaviest denims that don’t feed beautifully with these feet! Thanks for the quality products. My favorite foot is the 10 and 10D. My favorites are the 97 D for piecing and my absolute favorite and the reason I always wanted a Bernina, the BSR! Very veritile. Not only is it so different from all the rest, I am mesmerized by it as it walks. I love the 37D foot for making a perfect 1/4 inch seam when I am piecing my quilts. Even though I now have a machine with a BSR, I still quilt using this foot about 80% of the time. If there is a more perfect one that would be more precise, I would rather use it. Currently I own 4 machines plus a serger. It gets me a perfect zipper every time ! Classic Bernina Comparison Charts Presser Feet . And always straight, too, unless the operator wanders off the fabric. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (or BSR for short) is one of the newer accessories in the family, first introduced in 2005. I’m currently sewing with through 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of cotton batting and the walking foot is working like a charm. Bernina makes every project possible. I use it for sewing quilts together as well as other projects. The Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers through the foot at the same rate. Right now my favorite is the 97D Patchwork foot. So many feet and so much to learn and it is all great. Thank you. My favorite foot is the walking foot. The spring-loaded foot presses down on the fabric as the needle raises up to form nice, even stitches and help prevent flagging or lifting up of the fabric. Just purchased #97D for greater ease in making my 1/4″ seams with the 830. The #20 is a virtual tie. The BSR is my favorite at this moment. My go-to foot is the 1D – I use it for all-purpose garment and home-dec sewing. . Genuine Bernina #2 5 22 25 32 Presser Feet Lot Old Style 930 1090 1130 1230 1530. When your older, it’s so much easier to see your work. It’s a must with straight line quilting on a quilt sandwich. I love the walking foot! It’s awesome. I love them all so much but the one I have the most fun with is the darning foot. Though I have a small collection of them, I am still learning how to use them and I am amazed by all of them. My favorite is #10 (all of them from my 180 onwards) This was the foot that I was told I HAD to have when I bought my first BERNINA- it was free with the purchase.