Hello, I’m still around from the first game. Tennis with Mario as a referee by Hudson Soft? Or if you’re a fan of RPGs, at least give a listen to the amazing soundtrack! Military Madness is a rather straightforward turn-based tactical game. Let’s have a look at some of the best games Hudson Soft has ever put out. Weird, with a head as huge as Bonk’s, you’d expect him to crush any opposition with ease. Sounds familiar? Fun content on everything pop culture. Were you looking for something innovative in a game that’s called Tennis? Think the top game developed by Hudson Soft isn't as high as it should be? Tetris Party takes the classic Tetris formula we all know and love, and brings it to new heights with new play modes that spice things up. You can expect to be kept busy and entertained for quite a while. It has become hard to keep track of all of them (well, we at least ranked the best ones!). Soldier Blade. Being a very old 2D platforming game, you may not be surprised to hear that Master Higgins’ quest to save his beloved “Tine” is hard as balls. Hudson Soft is a name that may not mean a lot to gamers under 25. Bomberman 64. In Lode Runner, you have to navigate its complex 2D labyrinths by digging. So many Bomberman games have been released over the years. Milk and Yoghurt, a match made in heaven. Only this time, enemies are better prepared. But such is the life of a prehistoric hero. Adventure Island is to Hudson Soft what Mario is to Nintendo. Soldier Blade sticks to the tried and tested formula of Hudson’s previous games in the 'series', while throwing in some extra graphical effects. Mario Party 2. Good intentions are obviously not enough, so you’ll have to deal with enemies by catching and throwing birds at them, all while on top of the carriages. This partially comes from the ability to create a powerful smart bomb, if you can pick up enough weapons of the same color. Double the attack power for half the defense. You can use this list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your opinion, then share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you belong to. This time, the power up system involves collecting coloured pods - you can have three pods in stock at any one time, and the … Yeah it’s got some weird gameplay but you pick it up fast. And wasting too much time without keeping the vitality gauge up will result in utter and complete failure. It was later... Bomberman is an arcade-style maze-based video game developed by Hudson Soft. Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Examples of games on this list: Mario Party, Mario Party 6 and many more. Staying true to the shooter games of the early 90s, Soldier Blade is as solid as any game can get. What a great sequel! This is where frustrating boss battles await our hero. Cratermaze is a game with an identity crisis. Hudson's Adventure Island - 1986. The game features a powerful cyborg ninja armed with different weapons, magic spells, and more enemies than you can shake your katana at. Binary Land - 1985. If you’ve come to love Mario Party over the years, you have to give a shoutout to Hudson Soft. Nothing revolutionary, that’s for sure, but enjoyable nonetheless. You’ll defeat card collectors and earn booster packs to create the ultimate deck. Nuts & Milk? Bomberman ... Mario Party. Love SNES-era games? Adventure Island II (1991) 9. This list answers the questions "What are the best games made by Hudson Soft?" Surprisingly, it is not: it is a very solid game. The result is Vs. Tennis, also known as just Tennis. This turn-based party game featuring different boards and a selection of 50+ exhilarating mini-games is still today a remarkable game. The founders grew up admiring trains, and named the business after their favourite, the Hudson locomotives (called the "4-6-4", and especially Japanese C62). Wits aren’t the only thing Lode lost due to his love for gold, he also dropped the ability to jump. This ain’t Bubble Bobble, but I’ll take it all the same! No worries: that’s what translation guides are here for! Top 25 Hudson Soft Video Games: Listing The Best Ever Made 1. But really, if you want the best-of-the-best, you can just turn on your TurboGrax-16, or your Wii, or some emulator, and play Bomberman ’94. Bloody Roar (1997) 3. Although the list is only getting started! List of the best Hudson Soft games with images, including any well-known Hudson Soft made games for any platform and console. Yes, the video game industry can be strange sometimes. Do you know how many friendships Bomberman ’94 ended? The most popular Hudson Soft video games are listed by how many votes they received, so the best ones are at the top. Originally developed by Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden was later ported to the PC Engine by Hudson Soft, complete with better graphics and a reworked soundtrack. This title never fails to keep fans entertained with its basic-yet-explosive puzzle-meets-action mechanics. Random battles will commence like a 2D action game similar to how Zelda II's transitions worked. UserVoice. Y. Don’t ever, ever get close to her. A war between cybernetic Ninja clans? If you're looking to find a list of best games developed by Hudson Soft then you're in the right place. And gold, you know to power yourself up for the dangers ahead! You can play just about any mode in online and local multiplayer. Time to start bumpin’. See that cute little bunny over there? As you play you’ll notice this adds a lot of depth to the experience. Developed as part of a partnership in 1998, Mario Party is the first game co-developed by Hudson Soft and Nintendo. If you want to become a god-tier strategist, Military Madness is the first step in your long and arduous journey. Together we stand, together we obliterate our enemies. This results in a very frustrating experience that doesn’t feel too Mario-like. So if you like that game, chances are you’ll like this one as well. Mario Party 6. Mostly due to frustrating controls that often lead Adol to an early grave. This greatest Hudson Soft games list features box covers and additional information such as the game's publisher and release date. RELATED: The 10 Best DS Games That Never Left Japan. And then use this ability to make sure enemies cannot get to you before you reach the exit. No matter how much you love bumping things into oblivion. A dedicated community allows players to enjoy Tengai Makyou: Ziria, or Far East of Eden.