All of the magnified energy that the full moon provides shakes up the usual routine. I’m free and I am so honored to be helping all of you on that path. What would those qualities look like if they were given a turbo charge of energy? I was able to get to this place years ago. Use this time to do energy work, and you’ll clear a lot. Markarian is the author of the book, 'From the Basement: A History of Emo Music and How It Changed Society', which analyzes the evolution of punk and mental health. She is also a music journalist who has contributed to Alternative Press, Loudwire, Revolver, Kerrang! Positive or negative, the full moon takes your strongest qualities and enhances them. Full moons do, in fact, affect us emotionally. Instead of being at the mercy of the moon, use it to your advantage. Learn what your zodiac sign reveals about your health. First Quarter. And while it may not turn you into a werewolf or land you in the psych ward, there must be some truth behind the idea that we are emotionally connected to the moon, right? I used the “No matter what happens I am ok. No matter what happens everything is ok” with my hand on my heart. Or people who are feeling large emotions two days before or prior to the full moon. I’m here to support you in your healing journey, so you can live a life you love. CANCER June 23-July 23. A Full Moon in Pisces, it's said that this moon will make us feel closer to our emotions. The idea that a full moon can stir up emotions, provoke bizarre behavior, and even cause physical illness isn’t just a literary trope. While there’s nothing you can do to stop a full moon, obviously, what you can control is you. The moon affects your mental health in many ways, with one of the most prominent ones being it’s ability to expand and magnify everything, particularly during the full moon. “Scorpio is the darkest sign of the zodiac, meaning that it takes all of its water energy that it shares with Cancer and Pisces and takes it to a deeper, darker place,” Dr. Perrakis remarks. The reason this happens is because the light from the full moon energetically sheds light on our emotions and supports them in rising to the surface. It’s a powerful session that will help you uncover a subconscious belief, understand how it can sabotage your goals, and how to clear it. Since our bodies are made up, proportionally, of so much water, it’s easy to understand how the moon would pull us and sway us just like the ocean.” When the moon is full, Dr. Perrakis claims that it is high tide for emotions, and you best be careful not to get swept away. Poets wax lyrical, tides swell, cults are dedicated to luscious lunar goddesses, and Facebook newsfeeds increasingly run hot with beautiful moon shots each month. Here’s How to Get Motivated in the Morning. The Moon has a special frequency of energy that, as Astro lovers will know, is linked to the element of water: the flow of feeling and emotion, the deep dive into … For a long time, it has been thought that a full moon makes people crazy. The Effects Of Full Moon on Emotions In general, the moon is connected to our emotional selves. When you’re doing healing work, it can feel heavier during a full moon. “Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is the most empathic. “Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a planet of war; they don’t hesitate to engage in conflict, especially in conversation. “Taurus has a focus on finances,” Dr. Perrakis states. You have to be aware of that in yourself so you can understand how people react to you.” If you know that the moon gives you an excess of emotion or energy, think about how to direct it in a way that is positive. The Full Moon and Your Emotions can go hand in hand. “I always call the full moon the astrological spotlight because it just highlights whatever it touches. The full moon illuminates both the good and the bad inside of all of us, no matter what your astrological sign. While Capricorns do enjoy the increased success they might have during the phase of the full moon, on the whole, they find this time rather troublesome. It’s common to feel this way because the energy of the full moon stirs up your emotions, which can cause anxiety. “I made the biggest breakthrough last night during the Full Moon. At the same time that a full moon can magnify an astrological sign’s natural characteristics, it can also make people feel things more intensely. It is also true that emotions are heightened! © Copyright 2020 by Carol Tuttle All rights reserved. It can make you feel really close to people. The other side of that is that they can become overwhelmed by their own feelings.” Don’t be surprised, Cancer, if you find yourself crying a lot at the full moon because your emotions are welling up and you can’t control them, she says. A Virgo, on the other hand, enjoys the increased energy brought on by the full moon because it allows them to increase their work productivity. The full moon has captured our imagination through the ages. The positive side of an Aries during a full moon is the greater desire to be social and to share their opinions with others; however, Aries is also very headstrong. LA-based astrologer Athena Perrakis, Ph.D, explains, “The full moon affects our bodies and it affects the oceans. “Sometimes Geminis feel misunderstood. The Moon, romanticised by poets and artists since ages, has a series of negative effects on the human mind, scientifically and spiritually. It has us questioning, do Full Moons really have an impact on us? The full moon exerts considerable influence on emotions & inclinations; making you more susceptible to certain tendencies & behavior. “Virgos love to get organized and they love to prioritize and they find that extra energy helps them get more work done.” Check out these full moon myths you can safely ignore. Here Are The Key Differences, 15 Gratitude Statements You Can Tap on this Thanksgiving, How to Find the Hidden Blessings from 2020, Tired of Waking Up in a Slump? This is the best way to de-stress according to your astrological sign. The full moon can also lend an increased sense of energy, which each sign of the zodiac handles differently. What this means is that the things around you; the qualities that make up who you are; the emotions you’ve been harbouring; the love you’ve been feeling – it can all be magnified during the full moon. That can be a great thing at the full moon. The more you become aware of this, you’ll learn to consciously work with the energetic effects of the moon. That’s also why it’s common to also feel clarity during this time—light is being shed on the dark parts of you, and when you allow yourself to open up, you make space for deep healing. Yes, the full moon obviously provides more literal light than other phases of the moon, but it also has an illuminating property in terms of awareness and realization. “Leo is constantly craving access to bigger energy, so at the full moon you’re going to see Leos being extremely outgoing, extremely enthusiastic, [and] possibly creating something new. the best way to de-stress according to your astrological sign, your biggest fears based on your horoscope, what your tarot card wishes anyone with your horoscope knew, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. and more. It makes Virgo a little uncomfortable.” Capricorns are a different story. A New Moon Can Make You Feel More Introspective. “Full moons tend to bring out intense energy between people and so it’s harder for [Libras] to establish harmony. “The light side of that at the full moon is they feel like they have more energy than ever to communicate their feelings, to love their family, to be intimate with their partner. By now, the visible portion of the moon has grown greatly. While the moon’s magnetic effect is not creating a physical movement of water in our bodies per se, it can be bringing heightened emotions to surface. So when the moon is full, it emits energy that greatly affects us … “At the full moon, they feel like it’s an opportunity to break out of old patterns, to find new ways to create excitement or to break a cycle that they’ve been stuck in.” These are your biggest fears based on your horoscope.