If you have a joystick or a control pad that you would like to use in Final Fantasy XI. Click Me for Launcher Setup Instructions! You can do this by selecting 'Check Files' on the left side of PlayOnline. I currently have a system with an Nvidia GTX680 and it's completely unreliable. All that's left is to set up your launcher. config a, setup as needed *simularly as E* and launch, click on the screen, if the enter key proceeds to launch the titles, it worked, your controller will work aswell. When assigning specific keys to different-than-default buttons, it will work in the PadConfig as well as Playonline- but does not carry over to FFXI. You should now have the "data" folder inside your /FINAL FANTASY XI/ folder. You first will need to set one up. Navigate to /FINAL FANTASY XI/, right click an empty space in the folder and click paste. Hello, I tried to no avail to get my Xbox 360 and then PS4 controllers working in tandem with FFXI for about 30 minutes before giving up. > After clicking that, you should see a dropdown where you can select PlayOnline, Final Fantasy XI, or Tetra Master from a list. setup e definitely works, but itll scroew with the connectivity with your kb (making it not work). Hopefully without breaking the bank. Below is a set of instructions on how to do this, step by step. FFXI will reassign the buttons to the default settings. Controller support not only via OTG (playstation and xbox controllers) but also via bluetooth (nvidia controller, mad catz ctrlr) so we could play on nvidia shield tv and connect smartphone to tv with a slimport adapter and play with a wireless controller too ! Edited August 4, 2017 by booldega Step 11: Open the "Visual C++ Runtimes" folder and install ALL 3 files in the folder. Looking to put together a dedicated FFXI pc. A friend of mine, new to the server (newer than I, I just began about 48 hours ago) booted it up with a controller in first time and immediately was able to get to playing (or so he claims). I crash at 4-5 times a day while playing FFXI. You can now update Final Fantasy XI by force. Once you have selected Final Fantasy XI from the list, click Check. Woo glad that's over! The FFxiPadConfig in ToolsUS Folder is not functioning correctly. Any advice for building a stable, reliable pc that can play FFXI on max settings. Update Final Fantasy XI. Step 10: Back out and open Playonline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ and paste the data folder into this directory. How to set up your control pad on the pc for Final Fantasy XI, by Crawlerbasher of Leviathan Crawlerbasher’s Control Pad Setting Guide How to set up your control pad setting for Final Fantasy XI. 5.