Get a medium house once you’ve made enough money, and absolutely murder the Thavnairian Onion market. After introducing the armory game, you can unlock the production and collection classes. The realists — the fighting soldiers — can raise the armed cavalry to level 15, and then they can become a monk. you can generally only buy by the millions i think. I think I'd guess hacked accounts and stolen player inventories probably. Players need to switch between their main jobs and these side options to upgrade them, which can be confusing at first. if that was ment to be a excuse or a justification for why you bought gil in the hopes for condolescence that you were forced to buy gil then you did a not a good job. thats a strange point to draw a line as bots and cheats often aim towards earning gil. Each class has its own unique progress. There are plenty of accomplished endgame players that sell gil, it's not chinese gil farmers these days. How to choose a good seller and buy Gil FFXIV safely and cheaply? There was many skilled players in those days, but it mainly came down to their skill at their jobs or in other cases being able to run group events in a competent manner that got the results needed to win. Onions from cross-breeding. The player base, their elitism, the games structure and time sink at the time...and human nature...brought out some of the vilest most nasty sides of people. This game’s gil fountains are super strong. The FFXIV features hydraelyn’s world, or more precisely the Eorzea region. Friend of mine did it about ten years ago. If you’re always under 20k, where is it all going? I make it a habit to follow rmts on ffxiah. To equip your character, buy impressive weapons and armor to make your game faster and more fun, you definitely need more. I never once got caught nor did I ever regret it for one second and here is a lot of reasons why, however I will point I never cheated at the actual game itself ie using bots or anything like that and gil I look to as something dif due to the nature of it. for the most part, GMs will have a hard time figuring out who buys it, but players will. But the arcane could choose between the two jobs. Now I'm not going to brag and I don't mean this to sound in such a way, I'm simply stating a lot of the facts here...what I observed during that era, and that era really was the "hardcore" era of FFXI. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Back then the game was a serious hardcore grind, 75 was the cap and other than sky gear that was generally the best you could aim for. Selling items from Eureka, PotD, Retainer Ventures, Airships/Submarines/Gardening (if you have an FC and access)…, Selling items from tradables like Cracked Crystals, clusters and Mhachi Matter from dungeons, raids and roulettes…. how much did your "friend" have to pay for 250 million Gil? however I will point I never cheated at the actual game itself ie using bots or anything like that and gil I look to as something dif due to the nature of it. Check the adouling "gate" zones for anon DRG alliances. 1.0 in 2010, none of our buyers got banned. If people got a problem with it...then get rid of the elitist I got the best gear bs and that wont happen, you reap what you sow! You also do not need gil for very much. Had someone i met in game and befriended him "Golucky" was his name. I even knew some exploiters ( and I'm still against that kind of cheating and game breaking bs ) who just happened to know the other right top end exploiters who had a monopoly on things and ran their ls like a nazi deathcamp literally calling players at like 2-3 am in the morning. Do your challenge logs and roulettes system dailies and weeklies, all of them, and the game will hand you upwards of ~1.4mil or so a week. No, it is against the TOS to exchange gil or any in game item for real money aside from the items SE provides from the mogstation of course. Homework can also borrow certain skills from secondary school courses, which can be changed at any time. Dead weight was not much of an issue...again...outside of the most poorly geared players. Does anyone ever get banned for buying Gil these days? If you need, we also can provide another way, we deposit your gil to your FC chest. As you know, se may block your account, so all adventurers focus on the security of Gil delivery methods. Making money I’m this game isn’t hard, there are several ways: -gathering mats and maps each day and selling them -crafting is the biggest moneymaker.