Legal info, disclaimer, contact info - I.- - Intro - As a frequent user of the FFXI message boards here on GameFAQs, I have noticed quite a few questions about mining. I think that's always been Eden's strength. 1600-1700 players online. If there are key item or missing item issues, we have to escalate those issues to Godmode since he's the only one who can do anything about those. Aside from that, I don't think comparing Eden and Nasomi is really even constructive. People just don't like being left in the dark when things aren't going the best, it was the ultimate downfall of Kupo and Nasomi didn't used to be the best at communicating with players either. I'm not fussed with waiting around for the population/economy to mature on Eden, but what I will not accept is this quantity over quality business! Mining 101 IV. All FINAL FANTASY® XI content and images © 2002-2020SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Looking for a private server for toau~ era FFXI, and I've been directed to these two servers. We are all detail oriented and open to the community voicing their opinions. It's sort of already starting to happen, too. Most of the players don't have real jobs, that's a negative for both after seeing all the comments here and playing on both. Perspective. Yeah relics are more common here on Nasomi, but the server has been up for 5 years now. Ultimately, both servers are fine and offer different experiences. If they didn't, people would get bored and quit. Not a very strong argument as Nasomi is 5 years old and Eden is steadily growing and is two weeks old? Hit me up if you need help with anything! It's his server, and more power to him, but I don't play there anymore. Press J to jump to the feed. Even with the increased speed to obtain one, it still will take someone around 3 months to get the currency to finish a relic with daily dynamis farming with even splits(1/6). I made this post in response to talking to a lot of new players on Eden, I was curious why they were making the switch and it was, 7/10 of the time, for this reason basically. Another thing to understand is that the old players on nasomi got a much different playing experience and thus achieved and got gear VERY easily which you cant do anymore, its pretty lame. FINAL FANTASY® is a registered trademark of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. And while the coding isn't exactly the best and the content releases are few and far between they generally tended to at least function. Generally speaking, 2 LS' are trading the important NM/HNM's back and forth on a week to week basis. While Eden will never be the "P99" of FFXI private servers, it's at least a faithful representation. Eden has a far more mature and experienced development team than Nasomi does, and they are moving towards turning their server into a project that is as era-correct as possible. He removes old relics? Can you elaborate on why that is? We really only did it this way out of necessity before, you had to have all of your key players online to be able to kill the dragons and turtles and we didn't have a very big population so the only way we COULD kill HNMs was to schedule our events. :\. There are some adjustments to quality of life and job balancing but in general things are ToAU era settings. If you're looking for a server with 1600 pop and 8 parties fighting over the same lizard camp, Nasomi might be right up your alley. Nasomi isn't for everyone. What type of numbers are you talking about? That's harsh. We'll see how the first one goes once we hammer out a date. Everyone knows it's a joke to get them on Nasomi, the drop rates are a joke, the enemies are a joke, the enemy positions are a joke, and the entry price, and entry restrictions are a joke. As for relic weapons it still takes 3-4 months of intense daily farming with a group of 6 characters to get one. From what I hear, Nasomi has gotten better about this lately and is doing streams and stuff now so that's awesome. I enjoyed my time there a bunch, being able to multibox was fun. There are no lies in what I have said, unless you believe relic weapons are built in the same time on Nasomi as they were in era retail? Cookies help us deliver our Services. All FFXI Private Servers are powered by the Topaz & DarkStar Project. And this is hardly a golden rule, literally every other server has player/devs. FINAL FANTASY® is a registered trademark of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All FINAL FANTASY® XI content and images © 2002-2020SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. That is, unless you like leveling in the dunes for a l o n g time, as they have level sync with no limitations. Not sure I would find it very fun to be dropped in a server where people already have 5+ relics or whatever has been said. PLAY ON A SERVER THAT IS FUN FOR YOU. -Currently not a competitive environment. Most of our actual developers don't even really play, the only two that play with any sort of regularity are Setzor and Tectal. unfinished content like BCNM for example which are drakes in the open world just walking around, Give another example of unique things. It boils down to one thing I believe, that is single-handedly going to be the down fall of Nasomi now that Eden is going strong and bleeding Nasomi out. It's a really understated luxury to not have to make the same mistakes that other people before us have made, you know? You haven't become amazing, a relic weapon on Nasomi basically amounts to you "just making it on the scene" , Nasomi has become the abyssea-era of retail, where ppl were shitting relics out, without it actually being the abyssea era. Era is great if you don't have as much time to dedicate. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. expect to level in lv1 gear for a really long time either because no one buys anything your trying to sell or the low level gear is out of your price range. Posted: May 7th, 2009, 1:43 pm Maybe a handful of times to talk to old friends. Here's what I truly believe though, and I want to shout this from the rooftops so that hopefully more of the people who come across the private server scene stumble into it. eden claims they just got a c&d. They really aren't aiming to do the same thing. So, where does the casual-ish player fit in at endgame? I'm not going to join another fleeting server just to lose all my shit again. So with this, be informed. It's nasomis vision of what he wanted from retail. Relic weapons were the one thing that definitely should have not been casualized(putting it lightly, too), they are ridiculously powerful for a reason. There have been an influx of people in Eden's discord that have tons of negative things to say about the server, and that's fine, but they seem to get upset when I offer them alternative places to play. Haven't looked back. Nasomi is kind of a troll. He off-sets that somewhat with server investment. Nasomi is the containment server. There's no way out, so it's easier to just stay out of it, so to speak. Again, that's fine, I just always wished he were a little more forthcoming with that fact. Eden is a level 75 ToAU era server that is focused on bringing that team-centric culture back to FFXI. economy is developing but there isnt much going on yet. Yep, relics. Basically no where unless you put in that effort, and even when you do, you're left with a sense of emptiness of how completely un-remiscient of era retail this accomplishment was. I imagine there will be crossover as far as playerbase, and that makes sense since people seem to love 75 cap, but you should pick the server that you think will work best with your playtime. 34 talking about this. Let's be frank here, if you don't have a relic weapon on Nasomi, and if you don't put in the effort to get one, you are a joke. As one of the benefactors of this system, honestly we're excited to see it die. Going into Nasomi you should know that it isn't an era server, it's a custom content server, and Eden is a fairly strict "as close to era as we can be without being deliberately unplayable" server. This is legitimately the only reasonable post in this thread. I know that Nasomi sort of moved the goal post and nerfed a lot of that and people have issues with that, but to say that Eden is better simply because of changes that Nasomi has made isn't fair. 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