Tapered point. The files can be used effectively by repairmen and others who require rapid removal of … Name: 8" Mill File Bastard Cut: Description: Mill Files (Bastard Cut) are two-sided flat files featuring a single bastard cut pattern as well as a rectangular tapered point for detail work (Two square edges).Bastard cut is a term used to describe the coarseness of the file. 10 in. Bastard, second and smooth cuts. Flat File — Rectangular cross section. But the name obviously intrigued me. The file's momentum drives the tang into the handle. For rapid stock removal. A Half Round Bastard File is a tool designed for use on concave, convex and flat surfaces. Single-cut edges. It is a general purpose file that may be either single or double cut, with the most common flat file being the double-cut bastard file. I have only ever seen them stamped as made in Brazil. Many of us know that to sharpen crampons you use a "bastard file". 8 9 file; the tip of the thumb pointed forward. The STANLEY® 10 in. Bastard, second and smooth cuts. A b*stard is not of "mixed race" it is having a child out of wedlock. Smooth Cut Flat File The Crescent Nicholson flat double/single-cut The Crescent Nicholson flat double/single-cut bastard files with an American pattern are ideal for machinists, machinery builders, ship and engine builders. A file should not be used in … Its flat shape is parallel in width and tapered in thickness for general material removal. 4" – 16" long. Who is the bastard file named after? Double-cut top and bottom. I am a pipefitter by trade, and we use Nicholson files all the time. For the same reason, store files flat on a shelf or wrapped in a cloth roll, not loose in a box with other tools. With double-cut mill pattern and bastard teeth spacing for rapid removal of general materials, this tool is … For lighter strokes howev- ... a standard Mill Bastard file is used for drawfiling, but where a considerable amount of stock has to be removed, a Flat or Not enough to search for it on Wikipedia until a few minutes ago, when I got me answer:So all "bastard" means in this context is somewhere between coarse and smooth. The first being a 14" half round bastard, and the second a … Flat mill double cut, coarse bastard cut file for use with general stock removal of steel and other iron-based metals. A flat file should be used for gener-al-purpose work, a square file for ... How to use a file correctly. Double-Cut Flat Bastard File is durable and convenient. Where are you finding non-Brazilian made Nicholsons? Double-cut top and bottom. Half-Round File — Rounded one side, flat on the other. The most familiar file is the flat file. Flat mill double cut, coarse bastard cut file for use with general stock removal of steel and other iron-based metals. Don't try to pound the handle down onto the tang — file steel is brittle and will shatter with impact. WARNING: CANCER AND REPRODUCTIVE HARM – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov This product is known to contain the following chemicals: Hand File, 12" Flat Bastard Machinist File, Standard American pattern. So years ago I went to the local hardware store, asked for a bastard file, payed for it, and have been using it ever since. Then again, we usually only use two different styles. But most people are using them incorrectly. FLAT, MILL, AND HAND For flat surfaces, straight edges. The humble hand file is a such a common tool that you've probably used one at some point.