Here are the basics details to help you get started. If you know how to raise goats, they can make a great addition to the small farm or homestead. Set yourself up to sell and produce a income from the animals you already raise. People are always looking for farm fresh products. But usually, most animal breeders raise animals for the fun of it, because there is much more work and expense that goes into all than actual profit that can come out of it. Space requirements are still an important consideration, because you can't keep just one goat. Feeding. We've always had cattle and several hundred acres and we've always had a few goats. The key is in the numbers. Feeding adequate nutritious food is the key to make money from goat farming business. Compared to other livestock, goats don't take up much space. If you have no fences, you can try electric wire or build fences as you go along. You can't make any serious amount of money raising goats on less than 100 acres -- and even 100 acres won't allow much production. You can keep up to seven goats in the same area you would need for one cow perhaps that's how they got their nickname, 'the poor man's cow'. We aren't getting rich, but with goats, yes, you can make money. You have to have a lot of goats to make it profitable. How much time you plan on spending caring for the goats will be a major factor in what kind of goat(s) you get. You can also consider your local breeds for specific production (if you have any quality breeds in your area). You must have to feed your goats well balanced and nutritious food. A holding pen is necessary for any animal, as you will need some way to contain them occasionally, such as to give vaccinations or other care. There can be profit in anything at some point in time. Meat goats can't tolerate crowding and the stress it brings; goats can't be feedlotted like cattle or sheep without significant mortality (death). You can use commercial goat feed, which are easily available in the market. 20+ ways livestock can make you money on the homestead. There are meat and dairy goats, so it depends on which one you choose to get into and how you make a go of it.