Now, aside from a few traditional means of opening, it has a rather unusual method, which I cannot figure out how works. Then I simply updated location when I drove up to the gate, and it worked perfectly. The clicker says its a multicode and it only has one button. I just moved into a new apartment which has a security gate. How do apartment key fobs work. Now when I push homelink gate button on the screen, I can hear about 5-6 signals getting sent to the gate. Homelink & gate opener In reading the material in the users manual, there should be no problem program your Touareg's HomeLink with the gate opener. As long as you can use the remote. Apartment Complex & Gated Communities Apartments & College Residence Halls ... Control a single door, or easily integrate a remote door or gate into the central system. I was able to program my community's gate in my driveway without holding up traffic. My phone number was entered into some database/program. for your service or installation send an email at: for your question please put in comments Took a couple of takes but the S finally grabbed the signal. Thought I had this problem, but putting the remote right up against the front bumper solved it immediately. My mom lives in a mobile home park and it has a gate that you have to have a clicker that looks like a garage door opener to open it. I did all the same steps for my gate, but instead of holding the remote button I kept pressing the button every few seconds. If you don't have one you have to get out of your car walk 20 feet and call her from the gate. The only problem is if it uses a roaming code, where you have to punch in the code on the "opener". Although small, key fobs actually come with built-in verification that usually requires a single factor. There is nothing to protect you from bad weather and the neighborhood outside the gate is really bad. It opens well but it is unlikely I can close the gate. 2. Also LOVE the ability to change location. They can be easily, and individually wiped from the system. I don't know if gate openers use the random code settings. Now, if anyone pulls up to the gate, they call me, at which time I press the "9" button, and the gate opens. A USB Software Defined Radio transmitter/receiver coupled with a program called SDR ... in my apartment building asked to borrow my key to get into her apartment. The “problem” is likely to be the comms system the gate uses, not the car. Easy Programming Program from the Keypad or from a Smartphone with the DKS Manager App Smartphone App Most gates use a proximity card, for several reasons: 1. So, all you have to do is place the key fob next to the device reader of the entrance that you’re trying to gain access to and if the system recognizes you then you’ll be able to get in.