Following are the today 21 November 2020 prayer timings. after sunrise) and ends before midday when the sun reaches its zenith. KOLKATA NAWAFIL PRAYER TIMING - INDIA. Today Islamic Date is 8 Rabi al-Akhir 1442 in Mansehra, Pakistan. and ends on to A: It's a night prayer consisting of 17 Rakat: 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl. Find Azan and Salat Schedule & 7 Days Timetable. 05:06 PM Tahajjud, Ishraq, Chast and Awwabin timings are a calculated time to perform nawafil on time according to sunnah. Here you can find Azan and Salaat Schedule and 7 Days Timetable for Kolkata. Similarly, the time for Salat al-Dhuha extends from after sunrise (approximately 15 min. 13 Rabiul Akhir 1442 ICWA (Ladies) Events: Please see click here to see the website event calendar for all ICWA (Ladies) events and programmes The ishraaq prayers are a two-rakah supererogatory prayer offered after the sun has completely risen. Kolkata Prayer Times - Today 16 Nov 2020 Kolkata Namaz Timings are Fajr 4:32 AM, Dhuhr 11:21 AM, Asr 3:17 PM, Maghrib 4:52 PM & Isha 6:10 PM. • Umm al-Qura, Makkah A: Fajr Time in Kolkata is at 4:40 AM. at Today's 13 Rabi Al-Akhar 1442 Kolkata Namaaz ke auqat (Awqat) with next 7 days Schedule from 29 Nov, 2020 to 05 Dec, 2020 and Qibla direction with Customizable Prayer Time Calculation Methods to calculate proper time for your Namaz. 08:42 AM, Chasht time is Sun Set time that is also called Iftar Time in Different methods are in progress for the calculation of prayer timings in Kolkata. 04:35 AM. Benefits of the Ishraq–Duha Prayer. zawal time with complete details start and end time. 10:45 AM Islamic Centre Leicester. Get accurate Kolkata namaz & salah times with 7 days and 30 days timetable of Kolkata prayer timing. 5- Isha Time in Kolkata: 6:10 PM. "Zawal Begins" = End time for Ishraq & Chasht. Ishraq Chast Aur Awwabin Ki Namaz Salat Ka Waqt By Adv Faiz ... Namaaz Time Apps On Google Play Kolkata prayer timings today namaz salah time table eid ul fitr namaz timings 2018 time table of fajr and ramzan time table 2020 ramadan schedule in pdf with prayer times kolkata 2020. Today Asr time starts at 3:15 PM and ends before Magrib time in Kolkata at 4:51 PM. Fajr consists of 4 Rakats as 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. at Zuhr Salah consists of 12 Rakat and includes 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl. It is the educational, cultural, and commercial hub of East India. For safety add 5 minutes after start time & substract 5 minutes from ending time for sahari & all prayer times; add only 2 minutes after start time for Maghrib & Iftar. Name of some famous mosques are provided below: Prayer Times in Kolkata Today Maghrib time starts at 4:51 PM and ends before Isha time in Kolkata at 6:10 PM. Among the benefits of the ishraq or duha prayer, the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, mentioned that after sunrise) and ends before midday when the sun reaches its zenith. 2- Zuhr Time in Kolkata: 11:25 AM 05:55 PM. India For Muslims who would like to pray the mandatory five times a day prayer but are unfamiliar with the Kolkata prayer times, the schedule can access the online portal for the information. A: Zuhr Time in Kolkata is at 11:25 AM. 05:55 PM. You can also check today sunrise time in Kolkata with tahajjud namaz timing and chast namaz and zawal time table. Besides five obligatory prayers, there are some Nafil (optional) prayers upon which there is a great reward from Almighty Allah if someone offers them. University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi Karachi Nawafil Timings - Today Karachi Tahajjud time is [1] However if one is not able to awaken for the performance of Tahajjud Salah, then he/she should perform Nafl Salah before sleeping. Kolkata Find today’s Namaz timings and Qibla direction with customizable prayer time calculation methods to calculate the proper time for your Namaz. Find Azan and Salat Schedule & 7 Days Timetable. Ideally, it is prayed in cycles of two or four. The time for Salat al-Ishraq extends from after sunrise (approximately 15 min. When the sun rose in the east to the height where it is in the west at the time of Dhuhr Salat, he performed 4 Rakaats (Salat al-Dhuhaa, Chast).' There are several worship places in Kolkata. Find Azan and Salat Schedule & 7 Days Timetable. In a lengthy Hadith, Sayyidna Ali, Radi-Allahu anhu, is reported to have said, ‘In the morning when the sun rises to the height of that the same as it is at the time of Asr, the Prophet used to perform 2 Rakaats (Salatul Ishraaq). 4:39 AM. • Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran Even those who do not have access to a nearby Mosque or Masjid can find out the correct prayer timings with the online schedule listed above. • Hanafi 4- Maghrib Time in Kolkata: 4:51 PM A. Kolkata The prayer timing schedule for the Kolkata city is now mentioned here and this is really good to see that here because it has the complete information, This is really good guidance for me that could help me to offer the five time prayers at the right timing of mine Kolkata city, I am really happy to have the prayer timings of the Kolkata city which helps me really much to find out the best schedule which is I need, One is really helped by your timing chart for Salat/Namaz 08:42 AM -. Md.Zia-ul-Haque, Based on: 08:42 AM It is obligatory on every Muslim to perform five daily prayers regularly on their specified times. 10:45 AM. Your Question: When should we pray and Ishraq and Chasth namaz. 05:06 PM Get accurate Kolkata Azan and Namaz (Salah) timining with 7 Days and 30 Days Timetable. Kolkata 4:52 PM Prayer Times Today. and ends on Salat al-Ishraq (Post-Sunrise Prayer) Ishraq Prayer is a nafl prayer which is performed about 45 minutes (three quarters) after sunrise (according to the Hanafi school of thought) or 20 minutess after sunrise (according to the Shafi school). Today Fajr time in Kolkata ends at sunrise 5:59 AM. Kolkata Prayer Times - Today 29 Nov 2020 Kolkata Namaz Timings are Fajr 4:40 AM, Dhuhr 11:25 AM, Asr 3:15 PM, Maghrib 4:51 PM & Isha 6:10 PM.