Combine two of the sweetest treats with Klondike’s ice cream donuts. Klondike is revealing a new frozen dairy dessert food that can be found in local grocery freezers, Klondike donuts. But they also put a hole in the Boston Creme flavor, which is wrong for reasons mentioned above. Try all three delicious flavors; Boston Cream, Frosted Strawberry or Triple Chocolate! Reddit is a website where people say things and get snarky responses. The three flavors of Klondike Donuts include Triple Chocolate, Boston Cream, and Frosted Strawberry. There’s Triple Chocolate, Boston Cream, and Frosted Strawberry. Klondike made some flavors named after donuts. The Klondike ice cream treats inspired by classic donut flavors even have a hole in the middle of the square. Although Klondike Donuts won’t be available nationwide until March, they’re already being spotted at select retailers. Flavors are things you taste with your tongue. Klondike has released three doughnut-inspired ice cream bars that come in 3 sweet flavors: Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Filling, and Boston Cream. Boston Cream is a coated with chocolate and topped with white confectionary drizzle, inside is that expected cream flavored dairy dessert. They put holes in them - the donuts not your tongue - because most donuts have holes. To get your free Klondike Donuts you will need to download the Fetch Rewards app. Flavors like Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry flavors are the starting flavors to this new idea. While that classic phrase is often associated with the classic Klondike ice cream treat, these new frozen treats blend the iconic Klondike bars with some classic donut flavors. Flavors include: Boston Cream,a decadent Triple Chocolate,and a Frosted Strawberry. The classic Klondike frozen treat just partnered up with a breakfast fave! Fans of the iconic ice cream awesomeness have recently taken to Instagram with pics of Klondike Donuts—and this combo is everything you need in a dessert.. The Boston Creme and Frosted Strawberry flavors are already listed on Meijer’s website, although they are not in-stock yet.. We found the Boston Creme flavor in-stock at our local Kroger, where it was selling in a six-pack for $3.49. You were replying to a reddit post. Just in case you get lost in the deliciousness and lose sight of which treat you're eating (ice cream or a donut), the hole is a nice added touch to the design. Klondike is introducing Klondike Donuts and they’ll come in three flavors. What would you do for some Klondike Donuts? Klondike has made thedecision to wait until Marchto drop their Donuts line. These frozen treats will actually be shaped like a donut and is filled with ice cream and gets its own special drizzle of flavor on top of the chocolate, just like a donut would. Klondike Donuts might be the tasty way to celebrate National Donut Day.