The Sequoia sempervirens, or coast redwood, can compete in height, in a race to the sky, but not in girth. The big tree offers a unique opportunity to the home gardener who enjoys watching things grow big. When given these cultural advantages the trees can thrive even in hot inland valleys. The big tree is the fastest growing conifer in existence. Mar 24, 2019 - Explore Cindy Maberry's board "Under redwood trees" on Pinterest. The growth rates will vary, but the Coastal and Dawn Redwoods can grow fairly fast, so a good-sized tree is possible in just a few years. See more ideas about Garden landscaping, Outdoor gardens, Dream garden. Redwoods in the landscape appear to do best when their lower laterals are left intact, the lower branches and trunk are shaded and their root zones are mulched. Redwood trees have a very shallow root system with most of their roots growing in the upper 12 inches of the soil. Finally, there is another matter to consider. In a lifetime, these trees, with proper care, can grow to enormous size. Redwoods live hundreds of years and get very tall. In the landscape design, the redwoods can be great screens and windbreaks, but are often planted as specimens or in small groups.