Sports Marketing Projects For High School Students. Marketing project topics and research materials PDF and DOC free download file for final year students acquiring a degree in any level of education in Nigeria. Masters students can also get their thesis and dissertation topics on this page. Below is a list of best marketing project topics and materials PDF documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), higher national diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC). The Impact Of Marketing Communication On Sale Of Consumer Goods. Philip Ouma Awino D53/OL/13992/05 Role of the Kenya Police. This service comes only if you did not find your marketing project topics and materials on this website. May 8, 2019 MBA Projects, Marketing 0 A Study On Digital Marketing Services With Return On Web At Return On Web The project work is pursued as a part of MMM (Masters in Marketing Management) … Marketing students study customer behaviour and create innovative products that customer will most likely want to buy. Whatever degree you are acquiring in any school, we have listed above, complete marketing project topics and PDF research materials document for instant downloads. An MBA in Marketing has shifted to one of the most aspired degrees by students and employers. We understand the Time Factor, & we have simplified the process so that you can get your projects instantly. Projects listed here consists of project reports,ppt,pdf,seminar topics for free download. In our web archive, we have free marketing project topics and premium research papers in international marketing, b2b marketing, cement industry, social media and also, related research seminar works and journals for final year students in the marketing department. Determining The Effect Of Advertising Strategy Adapted In The Sales Of Consumer Goods, Investment On Human Capital And Its Impact On Nigerian Economic Growth, The Impact Of Banks Credit In The Nigeria Economy. You will study all the projects. Most businesses are using nowadays is the concept of EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING TRENDS. (a study of mtn asaba), The Impact Of Marketing Strategy On Productivity Of Organizations (A Study Of First Bank And Ecobank), The Impact Of Job Satisfaction On Sales Team Productivity (A Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc), The Effect Of Marketing Promotion On The Efficiency Of Banks (A Study Of Zenith Bank And First Bank), The Problems Facing The Marketing Of Poultry Product, An Evaluation Of Pipeline Transportation In The Marketing Of Petrol In Nigeria, The Impact Of Marketing In The Development Of Tourism In Enugu State, An Appraisal Of Effective Advertising In Increasing Sales Of Cosmetics, Attitude Of Consumers Towards Public Utilities (A Case Study Of Nepa, Enugu Metropolis, Impact Of Personal Selling In The Marketing Of Beverages In Enugu State, A Study On The Role Of Advertising In Tourism Development, Advertising As A Power Tool For Business Growth, Impact Of Effective Public Relations In Marketing Expansion Of Banking Services In Enugu Metropolis, Advertising As A Strategic Instrument In The Marketing Of Mtn’S Communication Services, The Efficacy Of Sales Promotion In The Marketing Of Consumer Product, An Evaluation Of Product Positioning Strategies In The Consumer Products Industry In Nigeria, An Evaluation Of Distribution Strategies In Marketing Of Petroleum Products, Role Of Public Relations In The Marketing Of Hospital Services, The Problems Facing The Establishment Of Banks In Rural Areas, An Analysis Of The Problems And Prospects Of Classified Advertising In Enugu Metropolis, An Investigation Into Marketing Implication Of Street Trading In Urban Centers, The Impact Of Promotion On Consumer Patronage Of Pharmaceutical Companies, Attitude Of Consumers Towards Made In Nigerian Goods, Brand Switching Behaviour Of Consumers In The Hair Care Service, The Impact Of Self Service On The Performance Of Supermarkets, The Effect Of Pricing Strategies On The Marketing Of Agricultural Products In Enugu State, Consumer Protection Laws In Nigeria And Its Implications On Nigerian Consumers, Appraisal Of Asset Valuation As A Tool For Marketing Business, Place Of Marketing In The Service Industries, A Critical Appraisal Of The Nigerian Export Promotion Council Strategies In The Export Of Nigeria Goods, An Evaluation Of Product Positioning Strategies For Marketing Indomie Breakfast Noodles, Role Of Marketing Communication In Effective Of Malt Drinks In Aba Metropolis, Factors That Influence Consumers Preference Of Detergent, The Role Of Public Relations In Improving Nigeria International Trade, Trade Fair As An Instrument Of Promotion Locally Manufactured Goods, Effective Marketing Strategies For Airlines Operating In Enugu Metropolis, The Importance Of Branding In The Marketing Of Unilever Products, Marketing Courier Service In Enugu State (A Case Study Of TNT/LA Of Nigeria), The Impact Of Marketing Mix In The Accomplishment Of Organizational Objectives, The Impact Of Information Technology (It) In Marketing Of Banking Services, Effective Promotional Strategies For The Cosmetics Industry, Marketing Of Family Planning Services In Enugu Urban, Impact Of Information Technology In Banking Industry (A Case Study Of Skye Bank ), The Effect Of Personnel Selling On The Sales Of Isol Germicide In Enugu Urban, The Effect Of Advertising On Consumer Reference Patterns For Malt Drinks In Enugu Metropolis, Impact Of Television Advertising On Consumer Product Purchasing In Nigeria, An Appraisal Of Promotional Strategies Of Barbing Salons In Enugu Metropolis, Impact Of Transportation Cost On Consumers Retail Goods Prices, Effect Of Sales Promotion On Brand Loyalty For Coca-Cola Soft Drink, Effective Marketing Strategies For Colour Photo Processing Services, Effect Of Market Segmentation And Positioning Of Company Performance, The Problem Of Logistics In Marketing Fast Food In Enugu State, Product Innovation As An Effective Tool In A Competitive Market, Role Of Road Transportation Mode In The Marketing Of Agricultural Products, The Effect Of After Sales Services On Consumer Patronage, Marketing Of Catering Services In Enugu State, Evaluation Of Customer Service And Relationship Marketing In The Banking Industry, The Effects Of Television Advertising On The Sales Of Ariel Detergent In Enugu And Abia, Marketing Of Local Made Product A Case Study Of Local Made Hand Bass, Problem And Prospects Of Retail Marketing In IMT, Impact Of Sales Promotional Activities On The Consumption Of Soft Drink In Port Harcourt, Effective Marketing Strategies For Improved Performance Of Non – Durable Consumer Products, The Impact Of Marketing Mixin The Accomplishment Of Organisational Objectives, Marketing Research As A Tool For Increased Profitability, The Determination Impact Of Advertising In Marketing Of Blue Omo Detergents In Enugu, Marketing Concept, Its Application By Financial Service Industries, Employee Relations Practice In The Aviation Industries In Nigeria, The Effect Of Globalization On Service Industry In Nigeria, Impact Of Marketing Mix In The Accomplishment Of Organization Objective, Impact Of Promotion On Marketing Of Detergent Product, Effectiveness Of Pricing Policy And Profit Planning In Nigerian Organizations, Effect Of Prepaid Meter In A Service Industry, Marketing Of Church Services (A Case Study Of Catholic Church In Enugu Metropolis), Analysis Of Consumer Product Acceptances On Brand Loyalty, The Impact Of NAFDAC On Marketing Of Drugs In Enugu State, Marketing Of Diary Product In Enugu Metropolis ( A Case Study Of Fan Milk Nigeria Plc), An Appraisal Of Physical Distribution Policy (A Case Study Of Yoyo Pure Water Enugu State), The Effectiveness Of Public Relations Practices In The Oil Sector A Case Study Of African Petroleum’S Plc, Product Planning Distribution And Management, Problems And Prospects Of Quality Control In Manufacturing Firms, Promotion As A Strategic Instrument In The Sales Of Malt Drinks, Pipeline Transportation And Its Significance To The Marketing Of Petroleum Products In Nigeria, Effective Promotional Strategies For Operations If Hair Dressing Saloon In Enugu Metropolis, The Effects Of Marketing Communication Mix On The Sales Volume In The Detergent Industry, Marketing Of Hotel Service In Warri Metropolis, Advertising: An Effective Promotional Tool For Marketing New Products, Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behavior, The Impact Of Personal Selling On Sale Volume Of Mobile Phones In Calabar Municipality, Constraints To Marketing Fish And Fish Product By Farmers, The Impact Of Innovative Marketing Strategy On Small Firms Performance In Niger State, The Impact Of Branding On Consumer’S Behaviour, The Role Of Advertising On The Marketing Of Suitcase In Enugu Metropolis, Marketing Technical Sales People For Higher Productivity, Consumer Protection And Drug Marketing In Nigeria, Consumer Brand Preference In The Purchase Of Beverage, Application Of Marketing Concept In Marketing Of Hair Dressing Services, An Appraisal Of Sales Promotion On The Choice Of Mobile Phone Operators, Promotional Strategy Of Mr Biggs Kaduna Branch And Its Impact On Sales Turnover, The Effect Of Marketing Strategies On Product Life Cycle, Impact Of Marketing Information System On Sales Performance, Effect Of Advertisement On Consumer Brand Preference, Marketing Research As A Tool For Increased Profitability In Service Industry, Role Of Marketing Ethics In Business Organization, Impact Of Marketing Planning And Strategy On Sales In An Organization, Influence Of Product Packaging On Consumer Buying Preference, Advertisers Preferences Of Media Channel Problems, Choice, And Reasons, An Overview Of Importance Of Enrichment In Food Processing, A Study On The Problems And Prospects Of Marketing Industrial Products In Enugu State, Assessment Of New Product Development And Management In Nigeria: A Study Of Unliever Nigeria Plc, Effective Marketing Strategies For Improved Performance Of Manufacturing Company In Aba Metropolis, Factors That Influence Consumer Purchase And Consumption Of Eggs In Enugu State, Effect Of Advertising On Sales Volume Of An Organization, The Influence Of Broadcast Media On The Sales Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods In Port Harcourt, Impact Of Branding And Packaging On Sales Turn Over Of Nestle Food Nigeria, Impact Of Mammy Market On The Livelihood Of Military Personnel In The Barracks With Reference To Sobi Cantonment Ilorin, An Appraisal Of Advertising As A Tool For Promoting Sales Of Soft Drinks, An Evaluation Of The Cost Of Packaging And Its Implication On The Profitability Of An Organization, Analysis Of Promotion Mix As Tools Of Marketing Communication, Application Of Marketing Concepts In Manufacturing Industry, Development And Functions Of Package In The Marketing Of Consumers Products, Enhancing The Sales Of Consumers Goods Using Marketing Segmentation, Study Of Effective Distribution Channel, Its Evaluation And Importance On Manufacturing Goods, Achieving Customer Satisfaction In A Multinational Company, Advertising As Complimentary Tool In Marketing Of Aluminum Kitchen Ware, An Appraisal Of The Promotional Strategies Of Soft Drinks Industry In Nigeria, Brand Differentiation And Positioning For Maximum Competitive Advantage, Brand Strategy As An Effective Tool For Corporate Identity, Assessing The Effect Of Relationship Marketing On Corporate Performance In Small Business Enterprises, Critical Analysis On Salesmanship Performance In Marketing Of A Company’S Product, Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty Inlogistics Services, Effect Of Communication On Organizational Development, Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance, Effect Of Customer Relationship Management On Organizational Performance, Effect Of Forward Integration on Manufacturing Industry Performance, Effect Of Internet Advertising On Consumers’ Purchase Decision, Effect Of Total Quality Management On Manufacturing Sector’S Performance In Nigeria, Effect Of The Practice Of Social Responsibility On The Performance Of Small Medium Enterprises, Effect Of Retailing Strategy On Organizational Performance, Effect Of Physical Distribution On Organisational Performance, Effect Of Packaging On Consumer Behaviour, Effect Of Market Segmentation On performance Of Brewery Industry, Effective Channels Of Distribution In Product Market Share Development In Enhancing Organisational Performance, Effective Communication As A Tools For Determining Employee’S Job Performance, Effective Promotional Strategies On Profitability Of Aviation Industry, Effectiveness Of Trade Exhibition as A Marketing Tool In Small & Medium Scale Entrepreneurship, Effectiveness Of Strategic Marketing And Management On The Sustenance Of Growth In Nigerian Tertiary Institution, Effects Of Backward Integration Strategy On Organizational Performance, Effects Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Profitability And Corporate Image Of A Private Organization, Effects Of Environmental Factors On Business Location, Effects Of Physical Distribution On The Sale Of Consumable Products, Effects Of Product Packaging On Sales Volume In The Dairy Industry, Effects Of Product Quality On Brand Loyalty, Effects Of Strategic Planning On Organizational Goal Attainment, Evaluating Customer Service As An Aspect Of Quality Management, Factor Influencing Behavior And Performance Of Indigenous Entrepreneurs In Lagos State, Impact Of Advertisement On Consumable Goods, Impact Of Advertisement On Consumer Behaviour In Nigeria, Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance, Impact Of Entrepreneurship Passion On Creative Capabilities Of Stock Operations, Impact Of Information And Communication Technology On Organization Performance, Impact Of Logistics Management In Marketing Of Agricultural Products, Impact Of Sales Promotion On Buying Decision, Training And Development As A Tool For Enhancing Employees Performance, Trade Unionism And Organisational Effectiveness, Third Party E-Commerce Platforms: Benefits And Barriers For Retail Businesses In Nigeria, Roles Of Small Scale Enterprises In Employment Generation And Financial Growth In Nigeria, Role Of Small Scale Industries In Selected Small Businesses In Lagos, Nigeria, Role Of Small Scale Business On The Economic Development In Nigeria, Role Of Small Scale Business In Industrial Technological Development Of Nigeria, Role Of Manpower Training And Development In The Achievement Of Organisational Objectives In Nigeria Banking, Role Of Manager In Small Scale Business Organisation, Role Of Capital Market In The Development Of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria, Effect Of Relationship Marketing On Organizational Performance, Effectiveness Of Channel Of Distribution In The Soft Drink Industries, Effects Of Ethical Behaviour On Marketing Managers, Effect Of Product Quality Control On Customer’S Satisfaction, On Organisation Effectiveness The Impact Of Conflict Management, Impact Of Advertising On Sales Performance In The Soft Drink Industry, Evaluation Of Distribution Channel Of Petroleum Products, Impact Of Intensive Distribution Strategy On Marketing Of Consumer Goods, Impact Of Marketing Communication On Customer’S Loyalty To Consumers Product, Impact Of Market Orientation Practices On Organisational Performance In Nigerian Banking Industry, Impact Of Marketing Orientation On Small Scale Industry In Nigeria, Impact Of Marketing Strategies On The Performance Of Small Scale Enterprises, The Impact Of Marketing Strategy On Profitability Of Confectionary Product In Nigeria, Impact Of Promotional Mix On Sales Performance, Impact Of Product Diversification Strategy On Organizational Growth, Impact Of Sales Promotion In A Business Organisation, Consumer Goods (A Case Study Of Chi Retail Farms), Impact Of Social Responsibility On Organisational Image, Impact Of Sales Promotion On Product Competitiveness Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Influence Of Sale Promotion On Employees Performance In An Organization, Effect Of Product Planning And Development In The Growth Of Organisation, Effect Of Media Advertisement On Sales Of Consumer Goods In Some Selected Marketing Firms In Lagos, Effect Of Materials Management On The Profitability Of The Manufacturing Company, Effect Of Marketing Communication On Consumer Buying Behaviour, Contribution Of Marketing Research For New Product Development, Survival strategies In Small Business (A Case Study Of Some Selected Small Scale Industries In Lagos State), Strategic Planning As A Tool For Corporate Survival, Spatial Distribution Of Local Market And Variations In Prices Of Vegetable In Lagos State, Role Of Marketing Research In Gaining Market Share, Market Orientation And Company Performance, Packaging As A Tool Of Achieving Higher Profitability In A Manufacturing Company, Promotional Strategies As Tool For Improving Marketing Management In Nigeria, Relationship Selling: Its Effects On Salesman Performance In Service Industry, Role Of Celebrity Advertising In Consumer Brand Loyalty, Customer Relationship Marketing Practice And Performance, The Significance Of Price In Consumer Purchase Decision In Edo State, Role Of Retailer In The Distribution Of Consumer Goods, Impact Of Marketing Planning And Control In Manufacturing Company, The Importance Of Marketing In Service Organization (A Case Study Of Uba Bank), Importance Of Distribution Channel To The Marketing Of A Product In An Organization, Impact Of Promotional Strategies In The Management Of Supermarket, Impact Of Advertising On Consumer Purchase Decision, Code Mixing And Code Switching Among Market Women In Nigeria, Significance Of Product Quality On The Demand For Industrial Products, Effective And Efficient Marketing Of Poultry Products, Consumer Preparation Of Insurance Services In Nigeria, Consumer Preference For Malta – Guiness, Maltina And Vita Malt Brands Of Malt Drinks, Assessment Of The Practice Of Marketing Concept In Banking Industries In Nigeria, An Appraisal Of Promotional Strategies Of Barbing Salons In Enugu Metropolis (A Case Study Of Top Class Barbing Salon Awkunanaw Enugu, Effective Marketing Of Television Service In Enugu Metropolis, Advertising And Sales Of Beverages In Enugu Urban (A Case Study Of Bournvita Product Made By Cadbury Nig.