The ticket price of the Dubai Garden Glow is 65 AED while it is free for kids up to 3 years old. The floral version of Burj Khalifa Tower also touches the skies of Dubai Miracle Garden. The Inverted Castle at the Dubai Miracle Garden gives a magical and fairyland kind of an impression. The first Floral Castle was introduced in 2014 at the garden. Learn more about this innovative floral theme at the garden. Ostriches showered with vibrantly colorful flowers are a great attraction of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Take RTA Bus No. The Pipeless Tap Fountain offers magic and mystery at the Dubai Miracle Garden. These two dozen Giraffes with their dwarf sizes and smiling faces are a real attraction for the minor visitors of the Miracle Garden. Dubai Miracle Garden Timings. The garden strictly follows its opening and closing hours, therefore; it is always best to be on time at the Dubai Miracle Garden and leave before the ending hours. Learn more! Read all facts from its launch on Valentine’s Day till today as being the biggest flower garden in the world. Lastly; if you are lucky you can occasionally meet a celebrity at the Dubai Miracle Garden as well. When the Dubai Miracle Garden is closed it goes into its season renovation phase and then comes up with innovatively new floral themes which the authorities term as the new season of the garden. These timings slightly vary from regular day schedules (9am to 10pm). Similarly; rain can make atmosphere crystal clear at the Dubai Miracle Garden, therefore; selecting the time after a rainy day can prove out to be a lot worthy from photography perspective as the ambiance will be clear and more colorful. Looking for a unique place to go out with your family and friends in Dubai? Atlas moths are the biggest moths in the world with a wingspan of almost 12 inches wide. The Eiffel Tower was introduced at the garden in 2014. Furthermore; the garden timings are also mentioned on the purchased tickets' instructions as well. The Guinness World Records has recognized the Dubai Miracle Garden's records for the 3 records i.e., largest floral installation (2017), tallest topiary (2018) art & largest topiary art (2019). Floral Castles with colorful flowers further beautifies the beauty of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Therefore; you have 12 hours a day during the weekdays and more than that during the weekends to experience the magical nature of the Dubai Miracle Garden. 9AM – 10PM on Saturday. There are at least two Flower Lady Sculptures at the Miracle Garden. An Upside-Down Floral House displays a magical architecture at the Dubai Miracle Garden. These houses have millions of flowers all over them. The Dubai Miracle Garden displays 50 million flowers which is the highest display of flowers by any garden in the world and also making it the world’s biggest flower garden. Urban Bicycles were introduced in 2015 at the Miracle Garden. Instructors from the leading yoga studio of Dubai i.e., Yoga Ashram, led this yoga session. Floral Windmills electrify the ambience and the atmosphere of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Therefore; the garden does give special permissions for the photography and media individuals to reach the garden at the specific timings too. It is decorated with Petunia and Verbena flowers. The Dubai Miracle Garden follow UAE's Standard time which is in fact Gulf Standard Time (GMT +4). It was first introduced in 2015 and currently there are at least two Floral Trains at the garden. Millions of Sunflowers are planted throughout the Dubai Miracle Garden. Dubai Miracle Garden Amazing Garden location map & timing. Floral Auditorium is an amazing attraction of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Hammocks are the coolest attraction of the Dubai Miracle Garden in its Season 7 (2018 to 2019). Gazebos are one of the most luxurious and royal attractions of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Elephant Fountains are the tremendous addition to the Dubai Miracle Garden in its Season 7. The presence of millions of flowers, thousands of hearts, hundreds of sculptures and dozens of floral themes makes relevance of Miracle Garden even more stronger. Kids below 2 years and individuals with disabilities enjoy free entry at the Dubai Miracle Garden without tickets. The movie was about a bull named as Ferdinand who loved to smell flowers and John Cena perfectly chose Dubai Miracle Garden as the desire of the Ferdinand and the garden itself are a perfect match. However; you can negotiate with the authorities and execute your best photography skills by having a permission. A total of at least six different species of parrots as sculptures are part of the Dubai Miracle Garden. This Mickey Mouse is entirely made up of flowers and shrubs. Kangaroos which are usually considered as the national pride of the Australian geography, are now also the floral pride of the Dubai Miracle Garden with their fascinating and sensational appearance. It displays more than 50 million flowers which is the largest display of flowers by any garden in the world. The visual appearance of these parrots suggests as if these parrots are about to land at the Dubai Miracle Garden for grazing and pecking. The best time to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden most probably depends upon your own preference and expectation from the garden. Generally open from 1 November through to early May each winter, the opening times for Dubai Miracle Garden are: The Ramadan timings of the Dubai Miracle Garden are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm for both weekdays and weekends. An interactive Ants Colony with colorful flowers and interactive gestures fascinates the visitors of the Miracle Garden in its season six 2017/2018.