Claudia Mitchell (author) on August 15, 2015: Hi Charito1962 - Glad you stopped by to read this article. Pretty awesome collection of toppings. Thanks so much FlourishAnyway. Claudia Mitchell (author) on May 21, 2015: Bill - I guess it's time to shake up your breakfast with some of these! Saute some spinach in a little butter and give a squeeze of lemon. Honestly sometimes for a quick breakfast just a little bit of powdered sugar tastes great and is easy to make. 5. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again. It's pretty cool how a plain waffle changes so much depending on the topping! Roast an entire garlic bulb and spread the garlic on the waffle. A mixture of pickled vegetables that can mild or spicy. Hi breakfastpop! Make it even more special with some whipped cream and hot fudge for a waffle sundae. Voted up and across and will share for sure. Whether it’s our famous pancakes or our crispy Belgian waffles, the meal is made so much more tasty with a variety of toppings (and ingredients cooked inside, for that matter). Whether it’s our famous pancakes or our crispy Belgian waffles, the meal is made so much more tasty with a variety of toppings (and ingredients cooked inside, for that matter). High-quality fruit and cane sugar star in Stonewall's range of crowd-pleasing flavors. Spread a tablespoon of butter over the top of the waffle. Claudia Mitchell (author) on June 28, 2015: Hi aviannovice - I didn't forget your comments, I've been out and about. Let your guests decide. If you think about it, a plain waffle is pretty much like piece of bread. You have made me hungry now and darn we have no waffles in the apartment, hahaha. Very creative to come up with these. I got pretty creative with the toppings so I've tried most of these. Also group together the solids and liquids. in select stores; find retailers near you at You certainly compiled a comprehensive list here and your opening photo is good enough to be in a magazine! There are lots of popular toppings like syrup that everyone knows about, but there are a lot of other toppings that taste really good even though people might not think so. :). And when you combine them with the natural goodness of Van’s Power Grains waffles, you’re giving your family a complete healthy breakfast that will fuel their entire day! Fresh fruit: 8%. Have a good evening and thanks for visiting. I like the goat cheese with dried cranberries. Spoon some leftover chili onto a waffle and add some cheese. Apples and peanut butter are delicious and healthy toppings for a toasted waffle. I'm seeing hors d'oeuvres for a party, fun stuff with kiddos, and satisfying snacky meals for game nights. REBECCA S. … I would love to try them a bunch of them within the next year. We know, you’ve been waiting. Add taco meat and some cheese, lettuce and tomato. Dip part of the waffle into candy coating, wait for it to set. I hope you give a couple of these a try. and looking for some unexpected and delicious toppings, here’s a few you may want to try. I might have to print out this hub for future reference someday. Bacon topping is often made by shallow frying the bacon until crisp. Thanks for stopping by! Increase heat to high and boil, without stirring, for 10 minutes until dark caramel. I love the extensive range of both savory and sweet toppings. Sprinkle the ingredients on top and then drizzle a little bit of olive oil on top. In a small saucepan, combine the extra sugar and water. Claudia Mitchell (author) on February 26, 2019: Thank you Regina - I hope you enjoy some of the the toppings. Enjoy your waffles! Enjoy your weekend. Thelma Alberts from Germany and Philippines on May 22, 2015: Wow! Some are sweet, some are savory and some are a little of both. Some are … A delicious Indian condiment made from lentils and spices. Thanks for stopping by! Prepare the banana fosters and then put them on a waffle. Slice a hard-boiled egg, add some watercress and a little bit of mayonnaise. Mix together some oats, brown sugar and cinnamon for a quick streusel topping. Thanks again for another marvelous hub. All you need are strawberries, sugar, water, and a saucepan. Claudia Mitchell (author) on May 22, 2015: I love the idea of hors d'oeuvres RTalloni! A spoon of each with some cilantro sprigs on top. And this time I would like to take you out of your comfort zone and bring your waffle routine to a whole new level! There aren't too many waffle toppings that can beat a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Prepare different sized waffles if you can. Thank you for reading randomcreative!!! Place some lettuce leaves on the waffle then add a scoop of egg salad. Brown sugar score- mini choc chips (put them on the waffle immediately so they melt), brown sugar, score crumbs, caramel syrup