While coil-flip cards aren’t as common as they are in other games, like Digimon and Pokémon, some spells in MTG will test your luck with a simple coin toss. The coin toss will affect the results on the … Zendikar Rising features a new type of double-faced Magic card! MTG Formats. Outside of the battlefield, all cards check for the unflipped version. There ARE Legends that flip into Enchantments which CAN be used in Tiny Leaders (and Commander proper) if you want … The flip is not a separate trigger, it is part of the effect of the activated ability. You don't need them to have a card in hand to do so; if they don't, the discard part won't do anything, but the Shortfang will flip. How to Flip Magic the Gathering Cards: Magic the Gathering, the Trading Card Game, is a pretty popular hobby in developed countries - and that's why these collectibles are pretty sought after.Some cards fetch amazing prices, and there are even some common cards … So you do have to pay and activate it. Navigation. But the big shock is how you use them: unlike the Ixalan flip-lands, these cards … Learn more about modal double-faced cards and how to use them in your games.