Place the COPPER ENGRAVING (N); remove the stone; take the COPPER ENGRAVING (O). Take the SCROLL CASE and SHARP RING. Collect all the pills on the board. Return to the hallway and go into the left room. This location is under the bathroom sink in the Dalimar house. If you exit the device before all dials are set correctly, you must start over. When you get to the last lady, click on her HAND to inflate her belly. Place the LOCKSMITH TOKEN; select the four keys (W). Take the FEATHERS 1/3 (V). Take the ARMOR EMBLEM (B). Place the bottles in the right spots (O). The journal shows the image of an exploding pie (O). Give the FISH to the cat; take the STRING (I). Place the 3 tiles (red) in the grid (N); arrange as shown (O). Click on 'More Info' (D) to access Credits, Forums, and More Games. Please look at the screenshot for the solution (U). The Case Book (F) does not record the specific numbers unique to your game. Open the window (3); put the BED SHEET on the window and go out the window. Note the RANDOM number on the piece of paper (C). Take the TAPESTRY (G) and BOX TOKEN 1/3 (H). Look at the three notes (orange). Examine the manhole cover (4); use the LIQUID NITROGEN on it. Place the SCEPTER (N) and touch it. Look at the table; take the MAGNIFYING GLASS (1). Look at the drawer and take the LIQUID NITROGEN (T). Zoom into the left door; input the 5 digit number unique to your game into the keypad (J), 23789 was our number, input your numbers. Use the BANNER (1-4); take the WRENCH PIECE. Take the PIPE (M). Open the left door and go through it (N). You have completed Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Standard Edition. Zoom into the pie; take the BLUE PILL 2/5 (E). The dials must all be set at the same time. Take the SEAL WAX (T); crank the handle twice; take the PLAQUE 3/3 (U). Zoom into the mannequin; use the EYEDROPPER on his sweat to obtain the DROPPER OF SWEAT (1). Arrange the ship as shown; take the SHIP MODEL (1-3). A MOS is triggered as soon as you go through the door. The Options (B) button allows you to adjust the environment volume, effects volume, music volume, sound, hardware cursor, high definition, and subtitles. Click in the center of the pie 3 times; take the second V KEY (F). Place the key (J) in the lock. Find 11 the morphing objects marked in red. Move the rulers to the positions shown on the screenshot. From there, make your way back to the abandoned car area by clicking down until you arrive. Our Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough will walk you through the spectral halls of Ravenhearst Manor with video solutions to mini-games, detailed instructions, and guides to solving even the most challenging puzzles, including the Intercom Puzzle, Garden Gate Puzzle, Graveyard Puzzle, Middle Door Puzzle, Telephone Puzzle, and much, much more. Zoom into the intercom (A); listen to what Charles has to say. Click on the green button (Y) for a board to appear. Solution (J). The number inside the locket indicates how many objects are left to find. Click on the orange buttons in the upper right center to control the rulers (A). A MOS activates as soon as you go through the door. Look on the left side of the wall; note the etchings (NWSNw). Use the TAPESTRY and LEATHER GLOVE to get the ASH SHOVEL (N). Examine the fireplace; click on the stone and take the first V KEY (V). The second key is in the pie in the Dalimar's kitchen. Move all the clothes aside; take the DAMAGED HELMET (R). Look at the calendar; take the REMOTE CONTROL and KEY BUNDLE. Zoom into the glass beaker; put the DROPPER OF BLOOD into the beaker. Use the GLUE GUN (L); select the handle. Examine the back wall; click on the sketch and a hole will appear with a crow looking through it (L). Face the skulls as shown (L); take the WOODEN ANEMONE. Zoom into the glass beaker; put the DROPPER OF TEARS into the beaker (8). Once the V Keys are in the correct position, you can begin the second part of the puzzle. Place the RITUAL MASK. Examine the drawer again. Zoom into the box; open the notebook and take the OVERRIDE SWITCH (C). Find the 10 morphing objects marked in red. Zoom into the card table; click on any card the mannequin has dealt. Place the FLY IN AMBER; take the RUNE (Y). The Hint (H) in the lower right can only be used in MOS and Hidden Object Scenes. Select the camera 3x to get the SCOPE (K). Our Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Walkthrough will help unravel the dark mystery that surrounds the Manor for you as you attempt to piece together the missing diary pages of Emma Ravenhearst. Go through the front door and then go into the left door. Select the four blue pills (H) to receive the Map. Use the FEATHER on Abigail's foot (M) to release the book below her (N). Investigate these areas to find inventory items and clues.