This style of digital advertising is a completely unique format, because it combines advertising with content. Sam Thomas September 16, 2020. Everything You Need to Know About Native Advertising and Making It Work for You . This is by far one of the most common forms of native advertising that we see everyday. This content was identified as sponsored, had a design that was distinct but adapted to Spotify’s platform and aesthetic, and was placed inside the platform as any other playlist. As a result, there is a big movement of business from conventional to digital forms. But, not all native ads on social media have to be in-feed advertisements. Native ads come in many shapes and sizes. You might have seen lots of examples of native ads – some of them are good, some are bad, and others are just awful. are native ads that don’t fit into a typical mold. In their sponsored post on Forbes, they share tips for overcoming challenging situations in work and life. 8fit is an app that offers custom home workouts for everyone. Yes, we know that what you see as ‘recommended content’ isn’t always great. This version of native advertising is fun, interactive, and a great way to connect with Instagram users. This campaign definitely has a goal – it drives website traffic that is monetized with tons of ads displayed on the landing page. Another great point of 8fit’s landing page is that they display user reviews below so that a reader might get even more inspired to give it a try. You want to do more than just serve ads in places that you hope will get traction. While highlighting the problem and the solution, advertisers also appeal to users’ emotions. Let’s get back to the native ad though. This ad was spotted on The Drum and led us to the sponsored post where ad fraud problem is defined. The quickest way to find an example of native advertising is to open up any of your social media apps and look at the in-feed ads that appear. The aim of this campaign is lead acquisition. What’s wrong with this campaign? The title says ‘Chaos after the kid’s birthday party? 9 Native Advertising Examples For 2020 These native ad examples span a range of niches and content types. Amway is the world’s largest direct selling corporation. Successful native advertising can tell you a lot about how to do advertising in general—especially advertising on Facebook. Do you still doubt that you can run a successful native advertising campaign? Nickelodeon showed this with their fun “Which SpongeBob Character Are You?” Instagram filter. Along with showing you a few exercises that help you burn 300+ calories in 10 minutes (in 9, actually), they also encourage you to download the 8fit app. And your next campaign can expand this list. When you already know what great native advertising campaigns look like, let’s pay attention to native advertising examples you don’t want to follow. This example illustrates the use of a promising headline, quality thumbnail, and a landing page that meets the reader’s expectations (which is a rare occasion for ad campaigns). When you come to the page with the sponsored post, you see a detailed list of advantages of this pan, three recipes, images of chefs using the pan, and even customers’ reviews. Share: In industry 4.0, businesses are required to come up with new marketing strategies since technology has involved a lot in the way customers make their choice. So, if you’re already motivated to do sports at home, you should be interested in getting access to various workouts, customized meal plans, and the progress tracking feature. Branded/Native Content is are native ads that function as unique content on a publisher’s website or platform. No problem!’ You see the problem stated and the brand name mentioned below, so it’s most likely you already know what the video will tell you about (yes, it’s a video ad). 1. adidas and MediaCom Next, you should know sites these ads are most likely to be served on. But enough talking about it; let’s look at some examples. Get the inside scoop on what these companies did to achieve great results using native campaigns. The campaign also shows the company’s expertise in solving ad fraud issues and helps them build a reputation. If you need tips or assistance with your native ad campaigns, check out our native advertising consultancy and agency services. The title promises us to uncover the secret of such popularity (and make us want to buy the pan). Their campaign is an amazing example of how native advertising should be done. Native Advertising is all around us and you may not even realize it! In fact, you're exposed to a style of native advertising everyday and you may not even realize it - social media ads! 1 spot on Apple’s iTunes player and had over 4 million downloads at the time. But that’s the case with any marketing campaign. If you want to establish yourself as a niche expert and strengthen your credibility, a well-crafted native advertising campaign will be the right way to go. The podcast was so successful that they later went on to create a second one, Life After, and they won a 2016 Webby award for the Best Use of Native Advertising. As a marketer, you are always looking for the best ways to reach your target audience.