Convective activity associated with the wave was limited by an abundance of Saharan dust in the region. [91] Due to the evacuations, many colleges including College of Charleston and Coastal Carolina University were closed from Tuesday until further notice. Orkaan Dorian is dinsdag licht in kracht afgenomen van de zwaarste categorie 5 naar categorie 3. [13][39] Afterward, Dorian began to transition into an extratropical cyclone as it quickly moved northeastward, completing its transition on September 7. [28] At 02:00 UTC on September 2, Dorian made landfall on Grand Bahama near the same intensity, with the same sustained wind speed. In addition, Dorian surpassed Hurricane Irma of 2017 to become the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record outside of the Caribbean Sea. On the night of September 7, a buoy off the coast of Newfoundland detected a 100 ft (30 m) rogue wave, which had been generated by Dorian's winds. This caused many, including families with children to disembark. Track the latest tropical activity with CNN's storm tracker. Dorian is one of only two Category 5 hurricanes to make landfall on the Abaco Islands, the other having occurred in 1932,[236] and is the only such storm on record to have impacted Grand Bahama. Additional food will be delivered by NEMA tomorrow." [13] In Barbados, winds reached 55 mph (89 km/h),[148] downing trees and power lines. The night of September 1, a hurricane watch was issued for Volusia and Broward counties, which was later upgraded to a hurricane warning and extended down the coast. [190] During September 3 and 4, tropical storm force winds continued to move up the east coast of Florida, with the storm's eye staying about 100 miles away from landfall. Dorian also produced some flooding, especially in Charleston. [220] Insurance damage across the region was estimated at C$105 million (US$78.9 million),[147] with power grid damage in Nova Scotia alone accounting for $39 million (Canadian) by Nova Scotia Power, making it the costliest storm in Nova Scotia Power's history. As Dorian was pulled to the northeast by a passing cold front, the storm passed just 150 miles (240 km) offshore of New England. [53] On August 26, St. Lucia prime minister Allen Chastanet announced that the nation would "shut down" for the duration of Dorian. [45] As Dorian no longer posed a threat to Atlantic Canada at that time, the NHC issued their final advisory on the storm. [239] Dorian also tracked the least distance in a 24-hour period recorded for an Atlantic major hurricane since Hurricane Betsy in 1965. [14] The storm underwent a center relocation further north, to the west of Martinique, causing the island to experience tropical storm-force winds as well. A deep ridge imparted continued westward movement of the depression, steering it toward the Lesser Antilles. All public services were suspended for the duration of the storm. [209] The Jersey Shore saw gusty winds and rough waves from the storm. [19], Once the system moved north past the Virgin Islands, the storm entered a more favorable environment. [174][175] This soon increased to forty-three by Saturday. [87] The College of Coastal Georgia announced campus closures for both Tuesday and Wednesday following Labor Day. [165], Marsh Harbour received "catastrophic damage", according to an ABC News team. [180] Total damage in the country reached $3.4 billion. When it became apparent that Dorian would near the Florida coastline, a tropical storm watch was issued for the Florida east coast from Deerfield Beach to Sebastian Inlet on August 31. Other wikis  • Commons: Dorian images. [15] Dorian had been predicted to travel northwest and pass over or near the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico,[16] possibly allowing their mountainous terrain to weaken the tropical storm. [24] On the morning of September 1, a dropsonde deployed by a NOAA aircraft measured a wind gust of 176 knots (326 km/h; 203 mph) at the surface. At 11:00 UTC of the same day, Dorian made landfall on the island of Saint Lucia as a tropical storm,[13] briefly disrupting the core of the storm, before entering the Caribbean Sea. On September 4, as Dorian's large size was expected to potentially bring tropical storm conditions to southern Maryland and Delaware, in correspondence with the upgrading of the tropical storm watch in effect for the Delmarva to a warning, a tropical storm watch was issued for areas south of Fenwick Island, and areas of the Tidal Potomac River south of Cobb Island, as well as areas south of Drum Point. Dwindling in strength, the hurricane turned to the northeast the next day and made landfall on Cape Hatteras at Category 2 intensity on September 6. [50] In Barbados, thirty-eight shelters opened island-wide, with 103 residents seeking refuge in them. On September 6, a tropical storm warning was issued for the northern coast of Maine from Bar Harbor to Eastport. It was the fourth named storm, second hurricane, the first major hurricane, and the first Category 5 hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. Dorian developed from a tropical wave on August 24 over the Central Atlantic. [225], The Bahamas Paradise, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival cruise lines started sending water bottles and meals to the Bahamas. Dorian groeit bij de nadering van het eiland waarschijnlijk uit tot een orkaan en trekt verder naar Florida. [30] Afterward, Dorian's forward speed slowed to just 1 knot (1.2 mph; 1.9 km/h), as the Bermuda High that was steering the storm westward weakened. [166] Over 75% of the homes had been damaged,[167] Marsh Harbour International Airport's runway was underwater,[168] there was significant flooding on streets and beaches, damage to trees and with some home's roofs ripped off entirely. Selected storm names from the 2019 and 2020 tropical storm seasons will be considered in the upcoming 2021 meeting. First responders distributed sandbags in many counties. [95] Over the Labor Day weekend, several school districts announced plans to close ahead of expected evacuations. [118], On September 1, President Donald Trump tweeted that multiple states, including Alabama, "will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. However, a Bahamas newspaper suggested that the actual death toll could be over 3,000. [186] On September 26, the number of people missing in the Bahamas dropped to 600, while the official death toll rose to 56. The storm is expected to pass over or near western and central Puerto Rico, with landslides, widespread flooding and power outages possible. [228], As the hurricane had damaged or destroyed a majority of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama and killed many of the animals in its care, a GoFundMe was created in order to help renovate and aid the organization's locations. Hurricane Dorian on Sunday strengthened into a Category 5 storm packing 160 mph winds as it tears through the northern Bahamas and threatens the … [54] In Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit ordered all public sector workers to remain home and prepare for the storm. [67][68] In college football, the game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Boise State Broncos originally scheduled for 7 p.m. on August 31 in Jacksonville was moved to 12:00 p.m. on August 31 in Tallahassee to move the game out of the path of the storm. In Brevard County, locals worked to trim large tree branches to protect power lines. [211] Effects in Cape Cod were minor, and in Maine, effects were brief, with high winds, surge, and heavy rain as Dorian's eye was passing over Halifax. Workers had attempted to help the animals before retreating to the attic crawl space but almost half of the 190 dogs in their care died in the flooding and some of the 85 cats died as well. Devastating storm surge of up to 23 feet swept away many buildings and submerged a large part of the affected areas. "[227] The Royal Caribbean International also helped deliver more than 43,000 water bottles and 10,000 meals to the Bahamas. [21] This strengthening trend came to a halt for the remainder of the day, but soon resumed. [214] The collapse led to local evacuations for some residents and businesses. At 06:00 UTC on September 5, Dorian moved over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and completed its eyewall replacement cycle, reintensifying into a Category 3 hurricane off the coast of South Carolina. [162] At 7:00 (UTC) on September 2, 2019, Grand Bahama International Airport was underwater. This marked the system's intensification into a tropical storm, at which time it was assigned the name Dorian by the NHC. [18] A state of emergency was declared for the United States Virgin Islands on August 28. [138] Nova Scotia Power set up an emergency operations center and mobilized 1,000 personnel, including forestry crews, damage assessors, as well as power line technicians from adjacent provinces, to prepare for Dorian's impacts. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. [136] On September 6, the Halifax Regional Municipality encouraged residents living along the eastern shores of Nova Scotia to evacuate, citing expected high winds, heavy rainfall, and waves up to 15 m (49 ft) in height.