The Prophet then guided him and said: "Do not follow this routine! Islam has also made it compulsory to follow some forms of worship for a certain period of time and the purpose of these worships is not only developing human personality but also to advance a rightful and just community. It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam. This feeling if truly felt by the rich community can lead towards a rightful community. Your body, your eyes, and your wife have rights over you. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said: “No one of you has true Iman (Faith) unless his inclinations are in accordance with... 2. Development of Islamic Personality Dr. Harris Shah Abd Hamid Department of Psychology, IIUM 2. Now we are going to discuss each them one by one. Islamic teachings in connection with the development of personality, nourishment and perfection of personality are based on this principle that you cannot promote your spiritual self to that extent where it would deprive you of the rights of your bodily and physical aspects of personality. The path of moderation is the way forward for human beings to get rid of all the extremism that has destroyed the world these days and develop a personality which is merciful for all, even for animals. Allah almighty designated human being as his vicegerent on the earth and then revealed his message to him from time to time to guide them towards straight path. Personal development according to Islamic teachings. The development of a person in Islam is related to the term tazkiyyah (cleansing/purifying) which is referred to the growth and cleasing of a person physically, mentally and spiritually in terms of the person’s relationship with God, himself, society and Personality Individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving 4. “Islam is a complete way of life”…”Follow the Qur’an and Sunnah and all will be fine”. Servants of the … All Rights Reserved Created by : Ghifari. Personality Development in Islam And Its Effects on Nations and Civilizations 2 Outline. Allah in the form of Quran has bestowed a complete guideline for humans and it does not ignore any aspect of human life whether it is biological, whether it is economic, whether it is the psychological or spiritual aspect. It’s a simple straightforward task. But we equate it to climbing Mount Everest. The importance of the individual to the issue of nation building ; Special qualities of an exemplary individual character ; Men of distinction who developed under the Prophets tutelage ; Summary; 3 The Importance of The Individual to The Issue of National-Building. H��W�n۸}����+Q��?7M�[m4�w���i�It)*^���~�r�6����&9�3g����EIH�4�Є������_�&go��M��R�bu6&A^������q�������|ws}�q:�/y���Ǜ�O��32�&ӻ��^���ga�`� c�$��y��3�Y4�A6�2.�_\�A�$�A��d ίߓ��\^]]^�ϛkr}>��\���b�����7�9�!��Si�f6{ޝY�>�`�6AN������Lh���R�y��v᛫�I Ì��P�>�'I��@�O2��� C���0� Ű� ���ł̥| -W���ߤ�z���ެ+і���\�ݤ�چ���J'E�g���k�U1��$2X�Q�=��/��u/�!�a�8�v�$L!e�4-���rK`�'��5�0t ��$4��:��Q�v���$w��YC�r��%a���h�NA�CV�͒a�O"�*��閬4�#Q8�pXDȗ��J\�^(M�����+V��n�գh�"rEt�-�f���[��E+����+��{�PD���>����4"5��}�y��W�'�(.~�����9'Z��b�/d���~�A�#hB� ��d%�Z�m;"�Yݩ��2"q�/Í4=�H�7�Ѭ�rA�6 �4���Ԯ_� T͆V|խ9� The ideal Muslim character is distinct and balanced and it embodies the teachings of the Qur’an and the Hadith. Islam does not seek to do away with the natural disposition of the people who embrace it. Islam was and is the seal of those messages and hence is perfect in every possible interpretation. BTW, this is the fifth article of the entire Self-development in Islam series. The First Islamic State Personality Development Islamic Personality 3. You can … Pilgrimage is also a way to bring entire ummah together and to teach them how to be disciplined and caring for others in their life. © 2019 - Examinations Point. Human being, being physical and metaphysical in nature is certainly a complex creature. The biological needs include to have a family, to enter into marriage and to live in close relation with the fellow human beings. 10 0 obj << /Length 11 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream Personality Development in Islam 1. The Muslim Ummahs is facing challenges both from within itself and from the outside. Zakat is a great tool to keep the community on the right path. Part 1: Inspiration from divine guidance nurtures human development. Islam was and is the seal of those messages and hence is perfect in every possible interpretation. It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam. These teachings of Islam, if followed by human beings can result in the attainment of Godly attributes. Topic Personality Development Servants of the Merciful One (Sura al-Furqan 63-76) 2. New articles are added every week. Islam talks about all the three possible types of rights that a human must keep in mind while fulfilling his duties. It is a source of economic balance in the society and provides a much-needed help to poor of the community. ... Islam offers an uncomplicated, comprehensive, and precise theory of our spiritual nature, our purpose and priorities in life, and how we can attain serenity and happiness in this life and the next. Islamic Faith (Aqeedah) linked to Personality development: 1. Islam does not ignore this side of humans as well and presents a beautiful model of how to achieve emotional stability by following the commands of Allah, Almighty. ]�H+%kSa�(��-;EZ��LVO�r2i��Ƚ���%��B���\YDȺKwnd��ڢ���°=\]q�l���.R�(tY�� �6O�j���K1�7S�@%I�rI�v1Y��"���O��'�#Ն)8Z�+�h�˃AuZ�� -�s�ԕ����B��d?�F�S?�*�l�&����͟Rv���ɼ׃ ���hA�E��bف*�ְa�Z�(��5���g[��V�E���[��y%� AND ITS EFFECTS ON NATIONS AND CIVILIZATIONS. 4. Islam: 1. It tells us how to behave with other people, how to be good to other people, how to give peace to other people and how to lead a life which results in the formation of a just society. INTRODUCTION. He should be able to earn a living, have pure belief, and correct worship. Personality Development. This platform provides information, guidance and latest study material to the students opting for CSS, PMS and other Competitive Examinations in Pakistan.