Even if there are benefits to space exploration, spending so much money and effort in reaching other planets is highly questionable. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, Transition Words or Phrases used: We may never make contact with whatever other species there may be out there in space. Pronoun: 29.0 43.0788530466 67% => OK The government should, must, dedicate a lot more money to NASA. Subordination: 3.0 3.51792114695 85% => OK Nowadays, there are many countries spend a large mountain of money in the outer space traveling . People are living longer, more healthful lives, and that’s a good thing. Try a simple form instead. There is no doubt that many people think that governments should spend much money on exploring outer space because they may think that in the future, the earth will not be a good place for human beings to live due to more and more serious environmental problems and the increase in … Financing social programs are no doubt their primary duty. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Auxiliary verbs: 19.0 9.8082437276 194% => OK Message: You used an adverb ('adversely') instead an adjective, or a noun ('affect') instead of another adjective. Managing the government spending property has always been a concern for all countries in the worlds. Sentence length: 17.0 20.1344086022 84% => The Avg. To be verbs : 13.0 15.1003584229 86% => OK The government should also provide free health and medical care for all population. If the nation is under developed, or developing, then the government should first of all focus upon its people, and should not spend the hard earned money of tax payers in doing such activities like space exploration., instead, it should focus upon the development of the country first. Also, with the development of technological advancement and new science spending money on discovering outer space will not have negative consequences. Some people think that the government should spend as much money as possible exploring outer space, while others disagree. ... sovereignty upon a portion of outer space, and … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It’s a tragedy that there are human beings suffering on Earth. Space exploration is really not necessary, it is somewhat of a hobby. If we can find another planet to live on, we can relieve the problems of overpopulation on our planet. Fourth root words length: 4.54043259262 4.48103885553 101% => OK As far as I’m concerned, I believe that governments should spend more money on social benefits, education, and healthcare rather than wasting money in other aspects. They have the responsibility to assist the poor people who do not have basic resources to survive. We should construct more hospitals and rehabilitation centers both in the cities and in the countryside. '&https=1' : ''); Toefl writing: Do you agree that sometimes it is better not to tell the truth? Performance on sentences: dale_chall_readability_score: 8.72 8.01818996416 109% => OK Submitted by e-grader on Fri, 10/20/2017 - 17:17, Grammar and spelling errors: Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.129502747904 0.0645574589148 201% => More connections among paragraphs wanted. Universities should have the latest collection of books and up-to-date sources of information. Sentence Length is relatively short. difficult_words: 114.0 86.8835125448 131% => OK All country in the world ought to provide enough financial resources for schools. Children are starving because of mismanagement of resources and simple human greed. Also, 18 astronauts have died because of flight incidents. @ ... Not at all. Which 60; drug abuse has become a major problem in many parts of the world. Preposition: 3.0 4.94265232975 61% => OK. Discourse Markers: 5.12 5.45110844103 94% => OK We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. linsear_write_formula: 10.5 10.002688172 105% => OK Space programs that have made their way into a myriad of applications. Performance on vocabulary words: However, if the country is developed, then the government must spend money to explore the outer space as well. Also, many of the inventions that were developed for space travel have been adapted to good use on Earth. Aeronautics and Space Administration does not have close to the funding required to help reach that goal. As far as I am concerned, the government should spend the money for our basic needs on Earth because there are many problems to solve in the Earth for people to have better quality of life.