Various solo and group exhibitions followed in Johannesburg, Seychelles, Plettenberg Bay and Pretoria. This could encourage owls to breed, or if they are breeding in the area, could improve their breeding success. 1991. In both cases the roof overhangs the sides by 5cm to give more weather protection. The spotted Eagle Owl box is a simple tray of the size shown. And wouldn’t that be a pity? One doesn’t want to have to dodge a protective mother every time you go in and out of your home. •It is ideal to place box where the owl would naturally nest, an open fork of a tree (Spotted Eagle Owl/Barn Owl) or in a loft of a shed or on the under the eaves of a dwelling (Barn Owl) 4-6m above the ground, be secure and stable and POSITION of NESTING BOX during the year, only when they breed. The details of how can be found here. Spotted Eagle Owl Box Spotted Eagle Owls are the most common owl species in South Africa. When and where to go in Africa, and with whom. They require a specific type of design to their owl box that is quite different from many of the other owls, but luckily rather simple to build. A nesting box for a spotted eagle owl will differ from that of a barn owl for example, so you need to make sure which type of birds occur naturally in your area before trying to attract them. During the day the owls will be relatively sedentary, however night time is an altogether different story, where their acute vision, sensitive ears (within a large facial disk) and delicately designed quiet flying feathers turn them into the perfect nighttime assassins. Their wingspan is about 1 meter. They predate predominantly on rodent and avian prey, but also take bats and snakes. They show a high habitat tolerance and are found readily in urban areas where their choice of nests sites vary. Living on the Centre’s premises in Delta Park, for the last 28 years, he has been involved in the development of Delta Centre since its inception. He has a soft spot for children and enjoys working with them – awakening their interest in the value of the natural environment and the wise use of sustainable resources. It should be securely anchored to a horizontal branch of a tree as high above ground as possible. In the mythology of ancient Greece, owls were honoured. Owls, like most creatures, are particular about their accommodation. The female lays two to four eggs and does the incubation, leaving the nest only to eat what the male ha… A small landing area (15cm x 10cm) should be attached to the Barn Owl Box at the base of the access hole.The roof slopes towards the small front in the Barn Owl box, whilst the roof slopes the other way in the case of the Spotted Eagle Owl box. He focuses mainly on environmental education programmes. Safari company Barn owls … In English folklore, owls’ eggs that were cooked until they turned to ash, were used as a potion to improve one’s eyesight. Accredited Training (Qualifications Offered). Spotted eagle-owls are monogamous, but will take a new mate shortly after the loss of a partner through death occurs. A few weeks too early / late or a few kilometers off course and you could miss the greatest show on Earth. The eagle owl is the most common South African owl. Publisher Tailored safari specialists. In 1971 he met bird artist Simon Calburn and began exploring bird painting as a way of expressing the pleasure birds gave him. The eggs are incubated by the female, while the male provides the food. The roof is then fitted by screwing through it into the pillars. Delta Environmental Centre is an environmental education. Building an owl box is a great way to encourage them to your garden. The male calls with two hoots: “Hooo hooopoooo” and the female answers with three. A missing element for the owls in the park was the presence of a safe nest site and by providing the box, spectacularly improved their breeding success. One of South Africa’s most common owl species is the spotted eagle owl ( Bubo africanus ). For this reason you will want to locate your box away from the hustle and bustle of your home. One of South Africa’s most common owl species is the spotted eagle owl (Bubo africanus). In an effort to bring the environment to the disabled, he has embarked on a special programme where he acts as facilitator to help people interpret their environment. Their life cycles remind us of our own small part we play on the planet and it’s a humbling experience to watch an owl family going through the trials and tribulations of life – a wonderful reason to build your own owl box! Get your own owl booklet! Barn Owls prefer darker, more hidden nest sites and therefore need a closed box. Spotted eagle owls will mate for life and they usually lay around two to three white eggs at intervals of between one to four days. They require a specific type of design to their owl box that is quite different from many of the other owls, but luckily rather simple to build. The spotted Eagle Owl box is a simple tray of the size shown. A distinguishing feature is the long and prominent ear tufts, but these are purely for show, as they have nothing to do with the actual ears. The Share-Net booklet, A Beginner’s Guide: Owls, containing information on all 12 species of South African owls, is available from the Centre for R20.00 (plus R5.00 for packing and posting), or from Share-Net ( His early interest in all things natural became progressively more focused towards birds, these being the most accessible and visually interesting form of wildlife to a young city kid. Once a nest box was provided their success improved to 32 chicks in the next 11 years. Barn owls and spotted eagle owls have learnt to live in close proximity with humans. Celebrate Africa and do good. They are able to breed at around one year of age. If your carpentry skills are good enough, it is also a good idea to have a slight slope to the roof so that rainwater does not lie on the roof but runs off quickly. He is very involved in leading bird-watching tours to various parts of southern Africa, Malawi and Israel, and is a popular lecturer on all topics relating to the natural environment. He is also involved in staff training, including aspects relating to birds in the park into his courses. Many owls will make use of an artificial nest box such as African wood owls, scops owls and pearl-spotted owlets. He is a lecturer and course leader for organisations such as BirdLife South Africa, Sappi Brett and Vent tours. In order to counter the negative sentiments towards owls due to fear, ignorance or misunderstanding, the Centre has offered successful environmental education programmes on owls for many years. This can be done quite easily by fitting roof support pillars of 4.5 cm X 4,5 cm timber, 400 mm long, to the inside of the box. Recordings of bird-song as well as stuffed specimens of birds found in the park form part of this programme, which complements the Sasol Sensory Trail for the physically challenged. It is not necessary to put anything into the box as the owls will lay their eggs on the layer of pellets that collect on the bottom of the box. Breeding begins typically towards the end of July continuing to the first weeks of February. Chicks hatch blind and begin to open their distinct yellow eyes after seven days. These days’ owls are rather revered, not for their symbolism, but for the very real reason that they keep rodent populations in check and they’re just amazingly well adapted animals. Athene, the goddess of wisdom, adopted the little owl (Athene noctua) as her favourite feathered creature. Ideally the box should be shielded from rain and excessive sun by the trunk and foliage. If the site is very exposed, however, it … This should be placed high up in a tree (6 metres) and again the box should be shielded by the trunk and foliage. One can provide safe nesting in the form of nest boxes. Owls have been both feared and venerated, despised and admired, considered wise and foolish, and have been associated with both medicine and witchcraft.