The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse: from $240. The new owners of this old resort built six roomy cabins with slate fireplaces and elegant furnishings, then turned the old boathouse into a restaurant ($$$). Never good at sitting still, my Dad is paddling a green, cedar-strip canoe about, with our black Labrador for company—the dog curbing his natural enthusiasm just enough so as not to tip the canoe over. Copyright © 2020 Sunset Publishing Corporation. The lodge is civilized but simple. We have planned a road trip to Suttle Lake, a sand-bottomed lake carved out of the Cascade Range by a glacier some 25,000 years ago. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, 6 Lake Retreats Where You Can Relive Your Summer-Camp Days, – I’d imagined that midway through the afternoon of the second day’s drive north from the Bay Area, we’d pull into Sisters, the congenial town nearest the lake and stock up at the local farmers’ market, grocery, and butchers. The resulting meal—par-grilled vegetables, mealy corn, steaks that are raw within—is just okay, so, sitting around the cabin’s round table, we largely ignore the food and instead trade wildlife sightings from the day past. It is a lucky thing to have had a childhood you (mainly) enjoyed, a family you miss (still), together with a partner and friends who are not genetic family but are dear, familiar. “I hadn’t traveled much then, I was just a kid, but I have now, and I think she just might be right.” We all look around us differently, seeing it through his eyes—and hers. July 3, 2019 While three of us accompanied the car to a dealership, the other four circulated in Sisters, texting their food and beverage finds. The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse, Sisters, OR Why it’s cozy: Inside Deschutes National Forest, you can pick from 16 charming cabins at this renovated camp. The Suttle Lodge is a great place to stop whether you're looking to spend the night or to simply enjoy the lake for the day. As well as giving us clear instructions on how to cast, our guide, Chris Martin, a longtime coach of local baseball and wrestling teams, shares his knowledge of the area, past and present, and its geology, in short, matter-of-fact sentences. During the warm months, the nearby town of Bigfork programs festivals (cider, guitar) and summer-stock theater. In 2013, the team behind Portland’s hip Ace Hotel and new hospitality brand, Mighty Union, bought the down-on-its-luck place and refurbished it, giving it a scout camp feel right out of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. My father was in me as I paddled, my grandmother when I swam (though I dunked my head, not having a hairdo to protect), my mother when I read a book on the beach. July 15, 2019 For me, my family was with me the whole weekend—lakes conjure them up. I see my mother on a low chair on some dock or other, wearing a colorful kerchief, working on her cryptic crossword, or beavering away at her summer-project book. SUNSET is a registered trademark A lake for everyone, confessions of a pool crasher, and the BBQ king of California. Launches drop day-trippers at the feet of the twin 10,000-foot peaks, members of the Sawtooth chain, that tower over the lake’s southern end. Someone makes succotash from the leftover corn, some tomatoes and bread become a panzanella, and the last of the marionberries get used in a crumble and infused into a whiskey cocktail. | Updated January 15, 2020, Lake Effect: On Reviving a Family Tradition with Your Closest Friends. Most days, my grandmother would do an hourlong swim in the frigid waters, always keeping her head well above the water so as not to ruin her hairdresser’s hard work. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Lake Effect: On Reviving a Family Tradition with Your Closest Friends, – Mesa Verde National Park has been named Best Cultural Attraction by Sunset magazine, the premier guide to living and traveling in the West. The friends who walked around the lake show photos of a pair of bald eagles they spotted. Magazine Customer Service Marketplace Stay Connected. This means these hills are alive with wildlife, including mountain goats and grizzlies. The Cascadian-style log lodge itself just opened in June with 11 guest rooms, a bar, … A year-round rustic resort on the shore of Suttle Lake in the Deschutes National Forest near Sisters, Oregon. An assemblage of well-appointed log cabins around a lakeside inn, Redfish Lake Lodge, founded in 1929, has a full-service marina with craft ranging from pontoons—reached via canoes and kayaks—to paddleboards. Glacier National Park is a short drive away, as are the Swan River’s rapids, famous among rafters and kayakers. I indulge in a hot dog with all the trimmings, washing it down with a dry rosé, and hear my first loon call of the year coming off the now ink-black lake. There tended to be wild blueberries and mosquitoes in the mix, thwacking screen doors and cliff jumps, crying jags (the worst one brought on by bloodsuckers), and arms-raised euphoria (after winning a heroic game of Capture the Flag)—the amplitude, the exaggerated agony and ecstasy, of even the most fortunate childhood. We are seven, all nature-loving city-dwellers, our day jobs—writers, teachers, techies, radio-producers—reflecting a certain slice of San Francisco Bay Area life. Sink into relaxation at Suttle Lodge Check out the rest of our 26 Best Lakeside Getaways in the Northwest here . But the opening of the Lodge at Suttle Lake changes all that. As the park’s concessioner, Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) is proud to provide the hospitality, interpretive and educational services which all contributed to this recognition. But the opening of the Lodge at Suttle Lake changes all that. There’s a rec room for rainy days equipped with a ping-pong table that reminds me of the epic games of table tennis I played with my cousins each summer. It was named for a wagon-train pioneer, John Settle, but a transcription error, somewhere along the line, became permanent, despite his descendants’ strenuous efforts to correct it. In the evening, after watching bats swoop about, picking off insects rising from an inlet off the lake, we assemble for the feast that’s supposed to be the weekend’s centerpiece. We’re getting our groove at last; of course, just in time for us to leave. The original 15.5-acre property is comprised of a large timber lodge with guest rooms, fully equipped lakeside cabins, rustic camping cabins, and a boathouse restaurant with a dock, provision shop, and watercraft rentals. Inside the main lodge are carvings of bears and raccoons for banister finials, a bison head presiding from high up on the great room’s walls. On my first day staying on Suttle Lake in Oregon’s mountainous interior, I get nostalgic for my absent family. This improvised meal is as big a success as the sweated-over, planned-out one was a flop. Something about the day on the lake—or perhaps the Oregon whiskey one of us sourced—looses old memories from my friends also, of camping trips past, of the first fish caught, and the brother who perfidiously threw it back in, before it could be paraded about. A lake for everyone, confessions of a pool crasher, and the BBQ king of California. In the evenings, they relax over board games, bonfires, and gourmet camp food such as trout chowder and lodge mac ‘n’cheese paired with classic cocktails and Willamette Valley wines. Put on a record and sink into deep, pillow-like canvas chairs with a cocktail beside the big fireplace in the main lodge, designed by the team behind the Ace Hotel Portland. Now, as an adult, I’m carrying on my childhood summer tradition with friends. It was not to be. (Would-be swimmers must head to nearby Sand Pond.) The new owners of this old resort built six roomy cabins with slate fireplaces and elegant furnishings, then turned the old boathouse into a restaurant ($$$). | Updated July 25, 2019, 11 Fantastic Family-Friendly Vacation Rentals. After a strenuous day of hiking, unwind with a drink in the old-timey bar, scoring tips from the outdoorsman bartender for the next day, then try the sous vide Idaho trout in a dining room overlooking the water. The next morning, we realize we have, between the seven of us, four different methods of making coffee. The cabin has acquired that lived-in feeling that cabins do, with towels and swimsuits drying on rails, with books and maga+zines splayed on the arms of the Adirondack chairs on the deck, a card from a trivia game we played one night lying face up on a counter in the kitchen: “ ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ is from which Shakespeare play?”. Three generations of the Browning-Hunt family have run Sardine Lake Resort, set on a boating and trout-fishing lake at the base of the Sierra Buttes since 1941.