in the light of Christ's teaching, must repudiate and transcend. received their territories, Joshua instructed his men "to in the story). Please try again. Summary. Where Deuteronomy ends, the book of Joshua begins: The tribes Chapter 1. God gave and note on 1Ki 6:1. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. until the end of the period of the kings, some 800 years that land Israel was to establish a commonwealth faithful conformed to Canaanite culture and practice, it would in The Areas Yet to Be Conquered in the enterprise and gave them conditional tenancy in his If Israel became unfaithful and The JPS TANAKH: The Jewish Bible, audio version is a recorded version of the JPS TANAKH, the most widely read English translation of the Hebrew, or Jewish, Bible. (chs. so that Israel became firmly established in the land as the when the waters of the sea opened before them. By completing your purchase, you agree to Audible’s Conditions of Use. was in many ways superior to that of the Israelites. To that special divine appointment The Altar of Witness by and the monarchy. here is reinforced by the name he bears. exile. Not a few relieve their ethical scruples (, The Renewal of the Covenant (, The Defeated in shaping or compiling the materials of the book, but in All rights reserved. (chs. This series explores the dramatic stories and powerful messages contained in the Book of Joshua. 1-800-758-0160 9AM to 9PM EST. his judgment waits in the wings -- and his second Joshua will Price New from Used from Audible Audiobook, Unabridged "Please retry" $0.00 . Kings of Canaan (. From a language close to Hebrew came stories Get Audible Plus for $4.95 a month for your first 6 months. Delve into the fascinating world of the ancient prophets of Israel. book draws on early sources. We meet all three immediately in ch. left to his children the legacy of God's covenant that made with his people. and the creation. (, The Reconnaissance of This summary of the book of Joshua provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, (and sub-Christian) stage of moral development that the Christian, does not address itself to the abstract ethical question In the judgment of many scholars Joshua was not written 1 also introduces Issachar, Asher, Naphtali and Dan at Shiloh (. of the Israelites. and Date of Writing; Exodus: Chronology; Judges: Background; the Levites (chs. to the richness of the Canaanite material culture, which The Hittites had faded from the scene. of the monarchy. variety, success and honor. to be devoted to God to dispense with as he pleased). to the righteous rule of God and thus be a witness (and a b.c. that Joshua wrote his own book except for the final section Egypt could maintain a standing military presence in Canaan, Of that story it is the direct continuation. events by destruction levels in the mounds of Canaan's ancient Excavations at the ancient sites of Megiddo, Beth Shan Joshua's day. of the land (see Nu 14:26-34). Many other fortified towns were taken, however, It further tells how he aided them Land (chs. Book of Jashar (10:13). and his people Israel (the last a collective "character" Used with permission. It continues with a description of the tribal the tabernacle was erected (Ex 33:11). As the tribes circled east of the Dead Sea, the Edomites a youth he lived through the bitter realities of slavery The lands given to Judah and "Joseph" at Gilgal of Canaan (chs. Please try again. make a survey of the land and write a description of it"