Theon… I slew Lord Eddard’s sons, I … EPITAPH | Theon’s hubris caught up … Allen, who played Theon Greyjoy on the popular show, took to his Instagram to pay respects to stuntman Andrew Dunbar, who reportedly died on Christmas Eve at the age of 33. Andrew Dunbar, Theon Greyjoy's body double on Game of Thrones, dies on Christmas Eve By Sydney Bucksbaum December 28, 2019 at 01:17 PM EST Theon was the last man standing between Bran and the Night King as the rest of the Ironborn were wiped out during the battle. Death would mean an end to pain. Altogether, this creates the perfect storm of emotional energy to ensure that Theon’s death in Episode 3 will be properly devastating. Now, while this is a true act of bravery, it serves as a death knell for his character – Theon dying to protect Bran will be his ultimate redemption for taking Winterfell all those seasons ago. Theon tried, and perhaps his death bought just enough time for Arya to show up and — with a Space Jam leap that would impress Michael Jordan — stab The Night King. “Take off my head off and stick it on a spear. Theon spent the episode protecting Bran until the Night King came. Death did not frighten Theon Greyjoy. Theon's … “Be done with me, then,” he urged the king. CAUSE OF DEATH | Stabbed with his own weapon by the Night King, in an effort to protect Bran in the godswood during the Battle of Winterfell.