A conceptual structure used to plan, develop, implement, govern, and sustain an architecture. The structure of components, their inter-relationships, and the principles and guidelines governing their design and evolution Introduction) identifies deliverables that are produced as outputs from executing the ADM cycle and potentially consumed as inputs at other points in the ADM. Other deliverables may be produced elsewhere and consumed by the ADM. Deliverables produced by executing the ADM are shown in the table below. Another classic example demonstrating the need for EA is a merger or acquisition. Concerned with ensuring that the business processes and policies (and their operation) deliver the business outcomes and adhere Without an EA practice, or at least some level of architecture guidance, the startup may quickly find its systems in disparity and unable to share information. For a complete list of activities and considerations, see section 46 (version 9.1) of the TOGAF standard. Business Architecture is described in Part II, 7. The usual or expected function of an actor, or the part somebody or something plays in a particular action or event. Remember, the development team is depending on you to deliver a quality architecture product. To provide context, in the past eight years out of a 17-year technology career, I have been more focused on software, systems and solution architecture. Defines a metamodel that categorizes outputs from architecture efforts. Let us use a product startup company as an example. An abstract framework for understanding significant relationships among the entities of [an] environment, and for the If needed, leverage the adaptation techniques to have it coexist with other frameworks. This includes the following phases: Preliminary, Architecture Vision, Business/Information Systems/Technology architecture designs. Architecture Definition Document . relevant principles, standards, and roadmaps. An architectural work product that describes an aspect of the architecture. Indeed, it is an in-depth comprehensive, yet adaptable method to apply enterprise architecture to serve business needs. The most prominent and reliable enterpr… Definitions . business model. They may be iterated as a full cycle, adjacently or internally, as … Every management method is motivated by its own concerns. Although I still produce various types of technology architecture, my work has gradually shifted more towards enterprise architecture. Having summarized the benefits of enterprise architecture and TOGAF, let’s discuss how to apply it in your organization. For example, in creating a new target architecture, apply ADM Phases B, C, and D (Business, Information Systems, and Technology Architecture phases) to establish a baseline architecture, then perform a gap analysis to identify pitfalls. In TOGAF, What is the difference between an artifact and a deliverable? 1. Another example of implementing EA is to begin with compiling your existing and net new architecture assets in an Enterprise Continuum. The architectural area being considered. The four categories in each are Foundation, Common Systems, Industry and Organizational-Specific. In some sections of this standard, the term "viewpoint" is used as a synonym for "architecture viewpoint". A statement of difference between two states. encapsulates its behavior and data, provides services, and makes them available through interfaces. Establish an Architecture Content Framework and begin categorizing your artifacts, deliverables and building blocks. Leverage the techniques of TOGAF to apply it in your organization. To clarify, the Zachman Framework is not a methodology, it is an ontology describing the enterprise structure applicable to architecture. The A work package can be a part of a project, a Repository. An application component usually maintains a data component. stakeholders. With my increasing involvement in enterprise architecture processes, activities and concerns, I wanted to formalize my experience with an enterprise architecture standard recognized by the industry.