Hold for a second and then push back up to extended arms. Make sure to keep your wrist neutral throughout each rep! Going overhead will fatigue your triceps faster than your banded tricep pushdown, so aim for a lighter band, and some extra reps. Make sure your resistance band is anchored well to the bottom of a rack or door. But, before we look at what they are, below you will find some info on why the triceps are an important set of muscles to train, and why you should be giving all these alternatives a go! This variation of the traditional bench press is a powerful exercise that will give your triceps a run for their money. Consequently, the triceps pushdown exercise becomes a jackhammer-like motion. As with the overhead extensions, keep your elbows inwards rather than letting them flare outwards whilst pushing the weights back up to starting position. The triceps pushdown is an ideal exercise for all athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone attempting to build arm strength. Bring the weight down just below your chest and contract your triceps to press upwards. If you can easily do 3 sets of 12, try the advanced version of this exercise by elevating your feet! The triceps are often overlooked when it comes to shoulder stability. The triceps pushdown is an isolation exercise rather than a compound motion. 2. Hold the dumbbells above your chest with your palms facing each other and engage your core. As with most exercises in which you are in full control of stabilizing your body, the technique is everything. Lie down on a flat bench with your feet planted firmly onto the ground. Pause at the bottom of the repetition and flex your triceps for maximum contraction. The tricep pushdown goes by many names: the tricep pulldown, tricep rope pushdown, the cable tricep pushdown, and others. If you are using a rope, grab the rope towards the butt end with your palms facing together. Do 4 sets of 10-12 reps. Copyright © Anabolic Aliens 2020 - Gains Out Of This World. He has been lifting weights & writing about fitness for over 5 years. It’s simply not enough to have sizable biceps; triceps are equally as important, and the tricep pushdown is known to deliver favorable results! With your elbows in a fixed position, hinge your elbows to slowly bring the dumbbells down just behind your ears. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at kenler@anabolicaliens.com. While the traditional triceps pushdown uses a cable system, all you need is a resistance band to do this exercise. Thank you for being a part of the Anabolic Aliens Invasion. This is beneficial because if you have any strength or muscle size imbalances, you can specifically target your triceps. Avoid having your elbows flare out whilst your hands move towards your head. The 5 Best Tricep Bars (Hammer Curl Bars) to Buy in [2020], 5 Powerful Lat Pulldown Alternatives With Dumbbells, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: A Guide To Keeping Healthy in 2021, Top 8 Highly Effective Pull Exercises for Full Body Strength, Top 10 Best Pull-Up Bars for Wide Doors (Buying Guide & Reviews), Top 7 Compound Shoulder Exercises to Build Shoulder Boulders, Top 8 Smith Machine Exercises for Beginners. The triceps pushdown is an essential exercise for people of all fitness levels. Repeat! Some tricep exercises require expensive, heavy equipment that can only be found at a gym. Keep your elbows close to your side for the safest and most effective close grip bench press. As mentioned before, this exercise can be performed with a resistance band instead of a cable system. From here, assume the standard tricep pushdown position, with an end of the band in each hand. Repeat! If you want to build the triceps muscle effectively, proper form is essential. For example, if your chest is much stronger than your arms, you can perform the triceps pushdown to compensate for the imbalance.