UC waiving SAT and ACT requirements for 2021 applicants. With the coronavirus affecting every aspect of California's education, demand for EdSource's reporting has increased tremendously. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Civil rights and education advocacy organizations filed a lawsuit against UC in late 2019 in Alameda County Superior Court, seeking an end to the testing mandate. Police are looking for a person who shot and killed two young men at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento on Black Friday. Marten Roorda, ACT chief executive, told regents in a letter this week that suspending the test requirement would exacerbate student anxieties, strain admissions offices and squeeze state and school budgets. All other institutions need to follow. Thank you, state of California, for a leadership position and taking added stress off the table for these young people thinking about college. Campus officials will be left with the task of figuring out how to apply the shifting admission requirements and evaluate tens of thousands of applicants without test scores. Pasadena stepping up enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions and may consider new rules. I see your point that making the SAT/ ACT optional might infuriate you and others at your position. The UC is moving with rightful urgency to meet the moment and to ensure no student is denied their rightful seat because of limited testing opportunities, instruction or guidance resulting from the COVID-19 crisis,” she said in an email. Response to COVID-19 assures equitable access to higher education and eases stress on high schoolers. Honestly I’m sure most people have thrown college prep in the back seat. You should however spent all that time and energy to maybe studying for actual school and getting good grades instead of relying on the SAT:). However if you propose that waiving the test is a better option then it will definitely give a serious disadvantage to students who perform better in standardized tests rather than school stats. Eddie Comeaux, a UC Riverside professor who heads the Senate’s committee on admission standards and co-chaired the testing task force, said politics and public perceptions more than data appeared to drive the decision to a preordained conclusion. The whole reason they really got rid of the SAT is to decrease the number of Asian students and increase Hispanic/Black students. All Rights Reserved. I am a junior in … Read More. I’ve been walking my juniors off the ledge (and their parents) because our campus closed before the March SAT. However, with demographic changes, the numbers have been declining somewhat — a 5.4 percent dip since 2018, according to UC statistics. Jackie Lacey’s security team fires at would-be car thieves outside her home. That report says that standardized exams remain good predictors of students’ success at UC at a time when grade inflation in high schools makes it harder to choose potential university freshmen. UC has already suspended the SAT and ACT testing requirement for fall 2021 due to test cancellations triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2 shot and killed at Sacramento mall on Black Friday. The UC regents were expected in May to vote on whether to keep the tests as requirements, drop them or possibly reduce their weight in admissions decisions. Jackie Lacey shot at suspects during an attempted vehicle theft Saturday evening outside her Granada Hills home, authorities said. It is intended as an accommodation and not a permanent policy shift, and does not foreclose future (UC Regents) Board policy actions with respect to the use of standardized tests in University admissions for fall 2022 applicants and beyond,” a university policy statement approved by the UC regents said. But campuses must ensure that “no student is harmed in admissions selection should they not submit a test score,” according to the UC statement. We are all in this together! Most gatherings are banned for three weeks starting Monday. No need to worry! Proposed budget cuts threaten safe opening of California schools, leaders say, coronavirus: Officials doubt schools can reopen safely if they must cut budgets. Under the plan, standardized test results will be optional on applications for the next two years and then eliminated for California students in Years 3 and 4. Like the UC action, the CSU move was portrayed as a temporary emergency measure, not implying a permanent end to standardized test requirements, officials said. It is also unfair to students that have studied so long and sacrificed so much to get a good score. The A-G courses are the set of 15 year-long high school classes that applicants have to complete with at least a 2.0 or C grade in each to even be eligible for the UC and California State University systems. But UC Riverside Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox said his campus — the most diverse in the UC system after Merced — has prospered using the current admissions process, winning top rankings for helping low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students succeed. Critics say that the exams are biased against Latino and black applicants and hurt their admissions chances at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses, in part because they may not have access to expensive test-preparation coaching. A Seattle native, she graduated from USC in journalism and in East Asian languages and culture. We talk to the experts. That’s because the way UC uses standardized test scores substantially corrects for bias by weighting them less heavily than grades and considering them as only one of many factors in the review process. May 1, 2020 Share on facebook Share on Twitter Pin Story Print Story. Now UC needs to figure out how to advance equity without tests.”. In what researchers called surprising findings, the Academic Senate’s review found that the SAT helps disadvantaged students gain entry to the selective UC system. L.A. is planning new coronavirus restrictions again. In March, UC schools temporarily suspended SAT/ACT requirements for fall 2021 applicants due to the coronavirus pandemic. UC received 172,099 freshmen applicants for fall 2020. Is this the right path? The University of California will suspend SAT and ACT testing requirements for admission through 2024 and eliminate them for California students by 2025. Thank you, state of California, for a … Read More.