Includes drill press, mechanical variable speed, laser, table roller extension, 5/8″ keyed chuck & key, tools for assembly.Drill press Height from the Floor to the top: 37 inch; 1,469 ratings 9.6/10. so be prepared when moving this around and recruit help! ​The 4210 (by Wen) is an upgraded version of the 4208 and is nearly identical in size (2" or so different in height) but has a few characteristics that make it a little bit better. Packed with features that you’ll find in larger more industrial type drill presses. Copyright 2019 by BetterToolz. More Power. These are the main differences between the two models and the price is around $120 (compared to $75 for the 4208). It’s heavy, but this is to be expected, and it’s not too heavy that it’s challenging to move around the workshop if needed. I have been in construction nearly my entire life and have a fascination with tools and love when they make my life easier. 19 Cool Drill Attachments You Probably Didn’t Know About! The 4225 weighs around 170 lbs. Check the latest prices. … This drill press with XY vise is very compatible with WEN drill press models but also with a wide variety of other drill press … ​The spindle travel was a little bit shorter than the 4210 (for some weird reason) but it uses a variable speed control instead of a designated speed setting (5 different preset speeds), like the 4208 and 4210 used. ​If you want the most powerful stationary drill press that Wen has to offer and are willing to pay a few hundred dollars for it, then it is worth the investment and has the torque and speed settings to tackle most materials out there. The base is solid, perfect for supporting the head, while the castings are smooth to prevent you catching sleeves or gloves on them. ​The 4227 (by Wen) is their largest and most powerful drill press they offer and is the other stationary model (next to the 4225). Wen itself manufactures the drill presses that are sold by Wen, while, Central Machinery manufactures the drill sold by Harbor Freight. FREE Shipping by Amazon. This 12-inch benchtop drill press has a built-in LED display and you can easily read the current speed. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The table is also the largest (14" x 14") and has coolant channels built right in to it. Considering its feature upgrades, this is more suitable to fit more of the long-time hobbyists to new professionals. WEN 3420T 2-Amp 8 in. ​Overall, the 4210 is an upgraded version of the 4208 and will accommodate users who will use their drill press a little more but remember that the motor and power specs are very similar between the two and the 4210 is still considered an "entry level" drill press and will work for basic drilling. The WEN Keyless Rotary Tool Chuck accepts bits from 1/32 of an inch up to 1/8 of an inch in size. Drill Press with Laser. The WEN 8” 5-Speed Drill Press is an easy-to-use option that comes at a fantastic price without skimping on quality. x 12 in. The WEN XY cross slide vise is the best choice because it offers a universal design that allows you to upgrade a wide variety of drill press machines. Another great feature of the Wen 4208 drill press is its 5 speeds, which fall in between the 620 to 3100 RPM range (620, 1100, 1720, 2340, and 3100). Simply twist the head of the WEN Keyless Rotary Tool Chuck to open up the three internal jaws, allowing for … $17.17 $ 17. With this great WEN drill press, you can get infinitely variable speed ranges from 580-3200 RPMs. We’ve included a summary of the various advantages and disadvantages of this WEN drill press below to help you make up your mind. Like many of you, I bought a cheap Harbor Freight 8" 5 speed drill press for my shop. View Our Privacy Policy or feel free to contact me. -  Designed by Thrive This drill press is a slightly modified version of the third product in our list that was the WEN 4210. A drill press requires some occasional maintenance to ensure that it continues to run smoothly and drill precisely. The Wen 4208 - Th​e Most Affordable And Highest Rated Wen Drill Press Out There Right Now... ​The … This is recommended for people who are looking for a performance benchtop drill press with moderate capabilities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go from carving to cutting to grinding to drilling all without calling on any outside tool. ​* Pricing legend located at bottom of table, ​$100 - $124$125 - $149$150 - $174$175 - $250$600 and up. If you were to compare the different Wen drill presses ​(side by side) out there, you would find some significant differences (especially between the benchtop models). What Kind Of Air Compressor For Sandblasting? Rotary Hammers vs Air Hammers, What’s The Difference? ​The 4225 isn't as powerful as the other Wen stationary drill press (4227) but has more features (laser, digital speed readout) and is a variable speed model, whereas the 4227 is a 12 speed model and the price difference between the two are pretty significant ($100 - $150). Linear Depth Stop Feature I compared all of Wen's drill presses and laid out the specs, ratings and price in this article to help those of you out there that may find the info useful. Both of these companies provide drill presses of every range. It has a greater power capacity with its 3.2-Amp that can take on drilling soft metals and regular wood easily. Match that with my "research addiction" and you create something like this website! Keep your drill bits on the straight and narrow with a WEN Drill Press. Get serious bang for your buck thanks to the features offered and the very affordable price. sorry to be away so long, Life gets in the way sometimes. ​Wen's 4225 is one (of two) stationary/floor model tha Wen currently makes and is priced around $500 - $600, depending on where you look. WEN 4210T 10 In. They have drilling length from 8 inches to 20 inch & variable speed ranging from 5 speed to 16 speed. Remember when bit changes were easier than ever? All rights reserved. ​The 4212 was quite a bit more than the 4208 and 4210 but is a little bit larger in size (both weight and height) and has a more powerful motor that is capable of handling tougher materials. These multiple speeds give you the chance to match drill bit sizes to the material you are drilling so that you can achieve maximum accuracy. Remember WEN. 4.6 out of 5 stars 621. WEN’s 12-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a powerhouse for your shop. ​If you are going for a medium-heavy duty benchtop drill press the 4214 by Wen is going to be your best choice. WEN 424DPV 4-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise. Click Here for Pricing, Reviews, & More Images of the WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press. ​The motor is the strongest out of all of the benchtop models (5 amps and 2/3 HP) and has a much better swing (12") and spindle travel length (3-1/8") than the 4212. What Kind Of Oil Should I Use For My Air Compressor? The 4214 is also the most feature-rich model, having the laser, work light, the digital speed readout, variable speed control and an additional feature, a table roller extension. Most of all the height and depth of what you … 501.93 $ 501. This WEN 10 Drill Press may be an entry-level model, but it can perform and do it well. ​The Wen 4208 was the most popular drill press out of all of the different Wen models and had more than 1,000 ratings from many different places online (at the time) and an equally impressive overall rating as well (4.3 out of a total 5). Drill Press Modification: Hey guys, I'm back. It has all of the best features, is the strongest (benchtop) model and is still at a reasonable price. 17 $19.36 $19.36. Comparing The Different Cordless Impact Drivers Out There. Whether its a bench top or a floor standing model, WEN has the perfect drill press for every skill level.