Answer Save. Barramundi are rapid feeders but along with that benefit comes a problem. Roasted Barramundi with Asparagus Gremolata Eating Well barramundi, asparagus, fresh parsley, extra-virgin olive oil and 5 more Steamed Barramundi with Red Curry The Cook's Pantry Tom Shpetner, sommelier at Cathédrale agrees, joking that "In these politically charged times, [pairing fried chicken and sparkling wine is] an ideal way to … Cornmeal-fried fish such as buffalo or gar are complemented by hush puppies or corn-battered okra. 9 years ago. To keep things healthy, steamed veggies are a must-eat with fish! Just endless days of sunshine! Serve it as a healthy accompaniment to steamed or baked fish, using fresh seasonal vegetables (though good-quality canned tomatoes can stand in for the fresh tomatoes in a pinch). This was published 5 years ago. Barramundi are big poopers and fouling the water requires adequate system to deal with water filtration. Ratatouille is a rustic French stewed vegetable dish made with tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onions, garlic, and herbs. And we’ve got bloody good soil too! Favourite answer. Smneedham/Getty Images. Macaroni and cheese and collard greens are popular sides with Cajun-influenced fish meals as well. What goes in – has to come out. Recipe: Frank Camorra goes the whole way with barramundi Wrap up a barramundi for a quick and easy baked dinner. 4 Answers. Barramundi comes from the Murray Darling Region of Victoria where two of Australia’s greatest rivers meet. You may find that what works well with tilapia which are a very tough fish species – won’t work as well when dealing with Barramundi. Caesar salad is typically available pre-made in the grocery store as well, for those nights when you don’t have the time or ingredients to prepare a fresh side yourself. Steamed Veggies. It means our vineyards are supplied with constant water, which is just as well, as there’s hardly any rainfall during the growing season! Include raw chopped green kale salad with beefsteak tomatoes and a vinaigrette to balance the heavy fried oils and breading. I just love this sauce and it goes really well with… Fish Dishes and Recipes for 4th of July | Australis Barramundi Get the greatest grill worthy, ridiculously easy barramundi recipes for 4th of July, most ready in under 30 minutes! I know white wine is usually opted for, but what type is best? An Australian fish deserves and Australian wine. Anonymous. Relevance. What type wine goes well with Barramundi?