(See publications), World Music Drumming – Beyond the Basics Play, Sing, Move, Drum. You will learn playing and teaching techniques as well as gain background information on arranging and composing for this ensemble. World Music Drumming ©Music Workshops LLC/ Hal Leonard Corporation. No text required. Kids, Choir & DrumsThis workshop is geared toward elementary- and middle-school teachers of vocal music, including music educators, church group leaders, and community group leaders. Through these many years, I’ve had more teachers than I can count share with me that these workshops changed their lives – as teachers, musicians, members of a musical community, and for their students.”, Founded in 1997 by the late Will Schmid, and now directed by Dr. Patty Bourne, World Music Drumming is taught in over 20,000 schools worldwide. World Music Drumming. The program uses drumming to teach students about communication, listening, cooperation, leadership, creativity, and cultural appreciation. Brazilian Drum, Sing, Dance Participants work with master teacher/clinician/Brazilian musician Estêvão Marques Ferreira Rocha, in a weeklong experience in Brazilian music. Individuals with all levels of music instruction are welcome and previous drumming experience isn’t necessary. Lynn Brinckmeyer teaches this fun, information packed course, presenting strategies for singing (including reading through complimentary choral octavos), movement, and drumming. Level 1 can be repeated. There is something remarkably special and unique about the drumming ensemble experience. http://estevaomarques.com/home/). I’ve attended countless workshops as a participant and worked with thousands of teachers who have taken the training and have since brought it to their students. World Music Drumming – Level 3For those who have taken Levels 1 and 2. Each year all of us in the World Music Drumming community – past, present, and future- look forward to seeing one another and recharging our batteries at our amazing summer workshops… but, as we all know: 2020 looks different! Bring your copy of the World Music Drumming 20th Anniversary Teacher Edition and any other World Music Publications you own. This means that participants must watch each other, listen to one another, and connect with one another as they play and learn. The curriculum and the workshops are taught using primarily an oral/aural tradition. The West Music workshop store is an integral part of the summer workshop experience.Shop our favorite workshop products here! World Music Drumming – Level 1 For teachers, counselors, community recreation leaders, church musicians, and players who would like to learn the basics of African and Caribbean drumming, singing, and moving. All rights reserved. Participants will experience first-hand the benefits and excitement of Zimbabwean-style marimba music in their classroom. This fun course is for those who have taken WMD Level 1 and want to expand their repertoire, skills, and strategies. The current ability to access positive, purposeful, and productive professional development in fall 2020 is primarily through online delivery. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51274034491439 site5127474177410956276 New 467932 Remo World Music Drumming Packages site51274034491439,site51274034491445,site51274034491707,site51274034491536 false This connection creates a sense of belonging and purpose. While our workshop format will be different in 2020, we know that this same sense of connection will be part of every one of our summer samplers! As described on worldmusicdrumming.com, “World Music Drumming is first and foremost a learning community, engaging teachers and community leaders in professional development workshops. No text required. Especially geared for music educators, Estêvão brings activities and resources for classroom settings that emerge from his publications, international workshop presentations, and daily practice with kids. With 35 different 2-, 4-, & 6-hour workshops on 26 different applications in World Music Drumming, we’re confident that we will bring new excitement to teachers and they, in turn, will bring this to their students! Each day, Level 2 participants work with a variety of faculty, including Sowah Mensah -- Ghanaian drumming, singing, movement, Ghanaian flute, adenkum gourds, and gyil (xylophone), and/or Josh Ryan -- Cuban, Afro-Cuban, Ghanian drumming, songs, and dance, and WMD faculty -- guiding participants in enhanced experiences with the curriculum and additional materials from other sources. Drumming Up the FunThis workshop is intended for early childhood and early elementary classroom and music educators, introducing modifications to the World Music Drumming curriculum. But after thinking, and listening, and talking, and sharing….we are very proud that West Music is a partner and sponsor for the: 2020 World Music Drumming Summer Sampler Series! No text required. Since 2009, I’ve been a member of the World Music Drumming Faculty, creating and teaching the Drumming up the Fun! Join us for a World Music Drumming Summer Sampler Series event this summer and discover why you will make World Music Drumming part of your and your students’ music classroom experience! Normal summer workshop schedule: Monday-Thursday (9:00-5:00) and Friday, 9:00-12:00. Our focus is classroom drumming, singing, and movement in the style of the music of West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.”. Level 2 will go much more in-depth with composition and arranging. Many participants share that when they bring World Music Drumming back to their students they often find that many times the students who might otherwise “fall through the cracks,” or who experience a great deal of frustration in other aspects of school are able to be successful in this curriculum. and Marimba Mojo!. Many choose to repeat this course. Level 3 is taught by Sowah Mensah and Josh Ryan. © Copyright 2019 West Music. Walt Hampton Hot Marimba – Level 1This workshop is taught by Walt Hampton, famous for popularizing the vibrant Zimbabwean-style marimba playing found in his publications Hot Marimba! The curriculum emphasizes a set of keywords, the first 3 of which are “Respect,” “Focus,” and “Teamwork.” These concepts are woven into every part of the World Music Drumming workshop community, and they are part of how the curriculum is taught to and shared with students.