Place a ruler to the left side of bottom edge of fretboard and measure the distance from nut edge to 12thfret. Of course, you always have the option of building your own ukulele entirely. If you are interested in seriously playing the ukulele, in the end, this book is a must. This guide gives you a set of step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for the Although the instructions are easy to follow, it is a much more involved build. If a player is invested in the ukulele, this is a great kit to buy. Top critical review 1. It gives them …, The Zimo DIY Ukulele Make Your Own Ukulele, The StewMac Build Your Own Concert Ukulele Kit, “Make Your Own Ukulele: The Essential Guide to Building, Tuning, and Learning to Play the Uke”, Bluegrass and Old Time Music Lessons with Bradley Laird. YA�Dq~ =�@���"!�� "Y����Lx�=3~�Æ�7����1��6a���+�. The good news is that several companies have designed kits specifically to give you the parts for construction, while letting you do the dirty work yourself. of the ukulele running up the neck. Glue the nut at the top of the fretboard so the indents for the strings are facing up 4. We think both the Zimo DIY Ukulele Make Your Own Ukulele kit and the StewMac are great options to make your own ukulele from. Instead of shopping around endlessly, why not make your own ukulele? The 12thfret marks the middle of the scale. The Zimo DIY Ukulele Make Your Own Ukulele A more advanced builder might want something more challenging though, as it doesn’t need much work to be finished. %PDF-1.5 %���� 573 0 obj <> endobj StringVibe is a participant in several affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising Using the wood pegs and some glue, attach the neck to the body of the ukulele 2. StewMac Build Your Own Concert Ukulele Kit. To start we’ll look at the best ukulele kits currently on the market, and then dive into some tips to make your ukulele building experience easier and more fun. If someone who knew how to speak multiple languages offered some advice as to how to learn one for ourselves, …, If you are anything like us it seems like every time we turn around we find a new Ukulele Tutorial, …, As anyone who has played a stringed instrument for any length of time will tell you, the kind of strings …, Most scientists argue that music is as old as human beings. There are hundreds of brands making Ukuleles right now. program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Tough question. Reviews are positive across the board. Congratulations on the purchase of your new ukulele kit from DIY Instruments. This book may even come in handy in construction of the kits listed before. The Zimo DIY Ukulele Make Your Own Ukulele is a good example of a DIY ukulele kit that anyone can put together and is a great project for any child or adult. • Tape the ends of … It can teach you how to tune and play your ukulele as well, and it’s much more complete than any virtual or online manual that you could find. It holds all sorts of useful tips. 0 A more advanced builder might want something more challenging though, as it doesn’t need much work to be finished. Now the only question is how to pick the right kit for you. If you are not an experienced builder, this task may be tricky, but there are resources for this, too. h�b```�F�3" A�F%!&e�~�u8�70������$1e�X����plK�/j+��sw��= @&�JX��������8-}۾��O��v�Cao�������w��H��T��n �-P�Ѽi�#Zq7�ET�4:;:��:::8@� ��� b1�X� &��(�20i��X� If you’re not a woodworker or a carpenter this could seem like a daunting task. Although instructions supplied with the kit are vague, there are many YouTube demo videos on the product, and the finished result maintains a great sound and tone. Improved ukulele DIY instructions included. From the strings to the bridge, you’ll be putting this instrument together yourself. Similar item to consider In some cases, it can even be cheaper to build your own ukulele than to buy one, and by building one you can control the quality, which isn’t the case when it comes from a manufacturing facility. This is an option that many don’t even consider, but can be a fun, rewarding experience. • For the purposes of this exercise, the nut can just rest in place at the top of the neck. Overall, if you have the best ukulele kit you can build yourself a great ukulele you will cherish for years, an building a ukulele will be simple. This is not for serious ukulele players, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad option for everyone! Why not make your uke one of those things? Which one should you buy from? • Attach the cotton to the bridge (as you would the ukulele strings), and run them from the bridge up the neck and over the nut. It details tips on how to build, what wood to pick, and even a pattern for a Ukulele. The 8 Best Ukulele Strings You Can Upgrade To! With a little patience and some household tools you will be able to finish and assemble an instrument that you will be proud to play for years to come. h�bbd```b``�3@$�=�d� �ǂH��`qI0�"��@�D�J�X9 ���*&F�3`s�$�3�_� � */ Best Ukulele for Kids – The Perfect Instrument for Children. Although instructions supplied with the kit are vague, there are many YouTube demo videos on the product, and the finished result maintains a great sound and tone. If you really want to be involved in the production process, the best thing to do is to entirely construct your own instrument and can be the best ukulele kit option since you choose the quality of your parts. Assembling Your Ukulele Kit. In fact, some think that music helped in establishing …, There are a ton of reasons to get your children into playing music at an early age. We improved the instruction to make it more helpful for the customer to assemble the ukulele! The OriGlam 21 Inch DIY Ukulele Kit is the budget option on our list and is the cheapest ukulele kit. Now use the same distance (which you measured from the edge of the nut to the 12thfret and mark the point with a … Well, for one thing, it’s fun and rewarding to make yourself something that you will use for years and years. endstream endobj startxref The Best Ukulele Lessons Online, Tutorial Sites, and Finding Local Teachers! You can also be creative and design your ukulele however you like it, and it can make a great conversation starter. The Zimo will be better for intermediate to beginner players and builders, while even advanced players will be happy with the sound quality of the StewMac.